The emotional message that BTS sent to the world in collaboration with UNICEF Korea Code List


On the fifth anniversary of its association with UNICEF, BTS continues to promote the importance of self-love with a new message.

bts shared a new video in collaboration with UNICEF to promote self-love among young people, in an emotional message sent by the group, he recalled army the importance of loving yourself

bts has not forgotten the importance of promoting good values ​​in the world, that is why they used the official channel of UNICEF Korea to talk about self-esteem and they did it again with a nice video for the fifth anniversary of their association with the aforementioned organization.

One of the greatest wishes of bts is to send a positive message to all fans, from lyrics that talk about acceptance, fear, emotions and more, to speeches and collaborations with charities.

The end of the year is nearing, and the seven members decided to send a special message to their fans, reminding them of the importance of self-love.

BTS asks ARMYs to love themselves and help those in need.

Through the page UNICEF Koreathe seven members of bts shared a new video, taking the opportunity to send a positive end-of-year message to his fans, in the message, jungkook He begins by asking his followers if they have really loved and if they have shared their warmth with others.

V shared that the beginning of true love is self-love, jimin expressed concern and mentioned that when we go through our daily struggles, we can forget to love ourselves.

wait asks ARMY to look around and learn to love himself, but if you see someone struggling, you must give them our love, sugar shared that he is happy that the message that bts about self-love is reaching a lot of people, but he worries that not everyone knows how to do it.

Jin, on the other hand, he knows that although sometimes we don’t realize our love, he is the one who helps us have the courage and strength to keep going when we are stuck. Finally, magnetic resonance knows that the message of self-love has a great impact on people’s daily lives.

Here the video shared by UNICEF Korea.


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