The emirate of Qatar is a key participant in the “new normal” of the Taliban in Afghanistan

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QatarBecause of its relationship with the Taliban and its help after the U.S. withdrawal, it has become a key participant in the crisis in Afghanistan Evacuate and resume flights from Kabul, And returned to the forefront after years of isolation from neighboring Gulf countries.

Since the fall of the Afghan capital on August 15 and the withdrawal of the last U.S. troops on August 31, Qatar has always been the center of intensive diplomatic activity Senior officials from Britain, the United States and other countries passed through here, and even moved their embassies from Kabul to Doha.

UdeidIt is the main base of the United States in the Persian Gulf and an important transit point for evacuation flights. Kabul Qatar made this possible in the second half of August and last week Resumption of international flights, The first flight from Qatar Airways was chartered on the 9th, carrying passengers of different nationalities.

In addition, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Qatar, Mohamed Bin Abdullahman ZaniYesterday, he became the first foreign politician to go to Afghanistan since fundamentalists took power and met with members of the new provisional Taliban government.

Prominent role

“The whole world looks forward to Qatar’s assistance and support for mediation. We will continue our current contacts with the interim government because We seek to keep the humanitarian corridors open And to ensure freedom of movement from Afghanistan,” a Qatar government source explained to Effie, requesting anonymity.

“As long as it helps to achieve stability, we will continue to play this impartial intermediary role,” he added.

Since Qatar has maintained relations with the Taliban in recent years, this role is now possible. The Taliban set up a political office in Doha in 2013. On the one hand, there are talks between the Taliban and Washington, on the other hand, the talks within Afghanistan. one.

The source assured that in addition to facilitating evacuation operations, Qatar will continue to cooperate with its international partners, including European Union, U.S., and U.K., To achieve “the common goal of ensuring a better future for Afghanistan.”

Image promotion

Its contribution in the current crisis has made international leaders appreciate Qatar’s role, and it is the best election campaign for a country that has been boycotted by four governments in diplomacy and business from mid-2017 to the beginning of this year. Arab.

Qatar’s media led by Al Jazeera has widely promoted Doha’s work, surpassing other neighboring countries in the Persian Gulf, such as United Arab Emirates (UAE) or Saudi Arabia, It recognized the first Taliban regime.

Other Arab countries, such as Bahrain and Kuwait, Provided their support during the evacuation operation, and the UAE also chartered a plane to Kabul to provide humanitarian assistance, but in the face of Qatar’s prominence, their efforts were even more neglected.

Dozens of people evacuated from Afghanistan in temporary residences in a compound Luxury villas in Doha, Designed to welcome participants World Cup The game to be held in Qatar in 2022 has become an advertisement for sporting events at this time and in the future.

Taliban allies

At the same time, Qatar turned to the Taliban movement, and its Al Jazeera network became the organization’s main media spokesperson in the Arab world, leaking confidential information about fundamentalist projects.

During the evacuation operation from Kabul, a Qatari military aircraft transferred the co-founder of the Taliban movement on August 17, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradal, Head to the Afghan city of Kandahar.

Baradal has lived in the capital of Qatar for many years, leading a dialogue with the government of the fugitive president Ashraf GhaniExiled to the United Arab Emirates and negotiated an exit agreement with Washington, which was signed in January 2020.

In the interim government, Baradar appeared with the right hand of the interim president and cabinet ministers, but no women appeared. This is what he did. Sound the alarm in the West.

However, Qatar did not criticize Taliban For this or other issues, they are just worried that they keep civilians leaving and humanitarian aid arriving in the country freely, sending goods from Doha to Kabul every day since the beginning of this month.


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