The drastic decision that changes the future of Manuel Díaz ‘El Cordobés’: goodbye to the arenas


Despite being in one of the most beautiful moments of his life on a personal level, Manuel Díaz The Cordovan has chosen to close a very important stage. This is none other than bullfighting, in which the right handed He has been immersed for almost three decades since he took the alternative in Seville as Curro Romero as godfather. This is how he revealed it himself, using his social networks and unable to avoid being emotional when remembering everything he experienced in an area that became his main source of income and that led him to the top.

“I want to share an important decision with you,” the bullfighter began by writing from his Instagram account, to later go into more detail about this unexpected statement: “Next year 2023 is a special year for me, I am celebrating 30 years as an alternative and it will be my last season as an active bullfighter. I face it with great enthusiasm. It will be closing a cycle of my life that has given me everything, that has made me who I am. With much gratitude to my people, my family, the bullfighting family, colleagues, ranchers, businessmen, attorneys-in-fact and silver bullfighters, who have always been by my side. Let’s go for 30 years #temporada2023 ”he settled. A totally unexpected declaration of intent for his more than 225,000 followers in the 2.0 universe and which was accompanied by an explanatory video in which the former de Vicky Martin Berrocal he opened his heart like never before: “I’m not sad, I’m happy because in the balance of my life there are many more positive things. It is closing a cycle, a stage of my life that has made me very happy and that has given me everything. In 2018 I had a very strong operation and I thought I was never going to fight, but my dream was to say goodbye to bullfighting in front of the bull”, he concluded, in a testimony that in a matter of moments has gathered thousands of “likes” and messages of support of some of the protagonist’s loved ones, such as his daughter, Sunrise Díaz: “I love you, dad,” the young woman admitted.

Manuel Díaz ‘El Cordobés’, Alba Díaz, Vicky Martín Berrocal and Virginia Troconis enjoying a dinner / Instagram

In this way, Manuel Díaz plans to put the finishing touch to an impeccable professional career in style, probably in order to focus on everything related to the private sphere. And it is that, The Cordovan he seems about to reconcile with his father, Manuel Benítez, or at least that is how they have hinted at it in their different public appearances. Be that as it may, what is certain is that the bullfighter enjoys a dream personal life thanks to the affection of his daughter and his wife, Virginia Troconisalso counting on an exceptional friendly relationship with his ex, which they both always show off when they have the opportunity.


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