The dramatic image of a baby delivered to an American soldier: The Taliban has killed someone trying to escape

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The Taliban are shooting all Afghans trying to reach the Kabul airport. They have killed 12 people nearby. American helicopters flew over the area in an attempt to discourage.

For activists or civilians who openly oppose already in power and collaborators from the West, the situation is more complicated.Have listed their names and They are looking for them from door to door.

Despair reached its extreme, and some people saw Afghans handing their children to American soldiers, trying to get them into one of them safely Evacuation flight. According to the plan, the Taliban They didn’t keep their promise.

The Afghans handed their children to American soldiers for safekeeping on the plane

In the past 24 hours, Washington managed to get 3,000 people out of Afghanistan, bringing the total number of Afghanistan to 9,000. Seize power By the rebels. The Pentagon reported that it intends to evacuate 5,000 to 9,000 people per day, but due to difficulties outside the airport, it is still far from that target.

Humanitarian crisis

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain, Jose Manuel Albares, Talking to the U.S. Secretary of State this Thursday, Anthony winked, On the evacuation operations initiated in Kabul and the best way to work together for human rights in general, and especially for Afghan women.

America president, Joe Biden, He chatted with his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, On how to coordinate the provision of Humanitarian aid And support refugees leaving Afghanistan.

In addition, the two also emphasized the “unremitting efforts” of working “closely” in Kabul to evacuate American and French nationals, as well as some “weak” Afghans and “brave” staff working with NATO forces.

On Monday, Macron and the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, Expressed concern about the possibility of reaching European territory Thousands of Afghan refugees They warned that they could not take care of so many people alone.


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