The drama of Bernardo Pantoja’s aunt: she is expelled from the funeral home and faints live


Very complicated day in the Pantoja family. The death of Bernardo Pantoja early this Friday morning has precipitated the events. His daughter, his widow and the rest of his relatives have been overwhelmed by the tremendous sadness that losing him at only 69 years of age has meant. Both Anabel and Merchi, Juan and Isabel Pantoja have not separated from him at the Virgen del Rocío hospital in Seville, where he has breathed his last.

Unfortunately, the passing of the day has left moments of great tension. The funeral home has not been exempt from it and not even at a moment as delicate as saying goodbye to a loved one has controversy been lacking, that usual travel companion when talking about the Pantojas. It all happened when Bernardo Pantoja’s aunt, cupcakehas appeared at the wake to say goodbye to her nephew, but both Anabel and her mother Merchi have vetoed her entry due to her controversial interventions in Save me.

Magdalena faints in Bernardo Pantoja’s funeral home / Gtres

Magdalena has managed to enter the building but has not been able to see her brother. This has made her break into inconsolable tears before the cameras, even asking Kike Calleja to accompany her inside her because she could not face it alone. The reporter has done it kindly, but until the entrance of the building without accessing.

At that moment Merchi came out, who yelled at him: «You scoundrel, get out of here! You have already achieved what you wanted». This has caused Magdalena to suffer a nervous breakdown and faint on the floor, giving way to a situation of chaos in which the director of the Telecinco program, David Valldeperas, was busy shouting for the director to return to puncture the set to that the audience did not see Bernardo’s aunt on the ground.

Magdalena faints in Bernardo Pantoja's funeral home / Gtres
Magdalena faints in Bernardo Pantoja’s funeral home / Gtres

After this tremendous scare broadcast live, Magdalena has managed to recover inside the funeral home with the help of those present. that’s when Kike Calleja has entered with the aim of convincing the relatives of Bernardo Pantoja to let her aunt in, informing them of her worrying picture of anxiety. Minutes later, it was the affected person who spoke before the cameras about her state: «I feel better. My lower back hurts. They gave me some pills. I don’t know what happened to me”, He said. In addition, she showed her deep indignation: «I do not understand this family. There is no consideration or respect. I have only asked him to please leave me, I have not asked him in any other way », she complained.

A little before suffering the dizziness, Magdalena Clavero also came out in defense of Junco, whom Anabel and Merchi did not want there either: «It seems very bad to me that they throw her out like a dog. QThat they give him a decent home because that is what my nephew would like. If I have to put up a banner so they don’t kick her out of his house, I put myself under his house. I have been in the moments that I could. The one that has been there 24 hours for the bad and for the good has been Junco », he argued.


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