The double dilemma of King Felipe VI against the World Cup in Qatar


King Felipe has traveled to Doha to support the Spanish National Team in its World Cup debut in Qatar. A competition that, despite the controversies, the monarch has not wanted to miss, as he has not done on other relevant occasions for national teams. However, he has traveled without the company of Queen Letizia, whose absence, in this case, is justified by agenda issues.. Nevertheless, It is unknown what will happen in the coming weeks, although the start of the Spanish team has been most exciting. The team led by Luis Enrique mercilessly thrashed a weak Costa Rica 7-0 in their first game, under the watchful eye of His Majesty, who Minutes after the victory, he did not hesitate to go down to the locker room with the team’s players, that they even gave him a National Team shirt so that he could cheer up in a better way for the upcoming matches.

The King enjoys the match of Spain / Gtres

Despite the fact that Felipe VI’s wife has not traveled to Doha, the Queen has not hesitated to send her support to ‘La Roja’ and has done so in a way loaded with symbolism. Doña Letizia was traveling to Barcelona this Wednesday morning to participate in various acts on the agenda and she appeared before the media dressed entirely in red. A monochrome look in which the only discordant note was the thin black belt that she has used to mark her waist. In this case, as on so many other occasions, the consort’s clothing sent a clear message to the Spanish National Team, which this year is also dressed entirely in red. It seems that this time she has brought them luck and they have both been a talisman.

Queen Letizia, in red, at an event in Barcelona. /Gtres

Although it has been said a lot that the Queen has preferred not to travel to Qatar due to all the controversies that have surrounded the Soccer World Cup In relation to the questionable ethical codes of the country, the truth is that, in the absence of official confirmation from the House of HM the King, the absence of Doña Letizia in this first match was more than justified due to agenda issues. The commitments of the Royal Family are organized many months in advance and, beyond the Kings or other members of the Zarzuela structure, they also involve different organizations with which an agreement must be reached, so any change or Modification can be a big problem.

The Kings, with the Emir of Qatar / Gtres

Although it is a reality that the Queen is a champion of causes related to Human Rights, youth and the empowerment of women, it is also true that her relationship with the Emir of Qatar and one of his wives is also close. Proof of this is that during the Sheikh’s visit to Spain last May, the Queen was given some impressive diamond earrings that she has used on important occasions since then, such as at the Princess of Asturias Awards. Furthermore, years before, in 2011, during the visit of the previous Emir, during the reign of Juan Carlos I, both Doña Letizia and Don Felipe were also seen in total cordiality with the Royal Family of Qatar. A sign that relations between the two countries are good.

The Kings Juan Carlos and Sofia at the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth. /Gtres

However, for Don Felipe, this World Cup poses a dilemma beyond the controversies and possible criticism of the country’s authoritarian regime. A matter that has to do with his father who, according to what has been published in some media, has expressed his desire to attend a match in this tournament for the Spanish team. For the moment, in this first meeting, Don Juan Carlos has not been seen, but the closeness between Qatar and Abu Dhabi is undeniable. Nevertheless, A reunion between father and son is not expected, which, on the other hand, already took place, officially, at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth last September.

Since Juan Carlos I settled in Abu Dhabi, Felipe VI has not visited him once. What’s more, there have only been two meetings between father and son, one behind closed doors in Zarzuela and another at the obsequies of the British monarch. It is unlikely that the World Cup opens up the possibility of a meeting -or clash- between the two, that if Spain reached the final it could even lead the Queen to travel to Qatar, or wait to receive the winners or finalists for an audience. upon his return, something that has already happened on previous occasions.


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