The discounted cardigan from El Corte Inglés perfect for spring nights


Although we finally see sun, during these months it is possible that it cools in the morning and at night. Then we have to go with clothes that keep us warm. We have Cardigan English court lowered.

It is perfect for spring nights when we have to protect ourselves a little even if we have braces underneath.

This is the discounted El Corte Inglés cardigan

We’re talking about a Cardigan V-neck, with balloon sleeves, soft fabric and ribbed cuffs. It is light blue, so it fits well with anything you want to wear. It is a solid color, long sleeves and its composition emphasizes that it is made of 94% polyester, 3% elastane and 3% polyamide.

The one who belongs to everything

If you buy this garment, you are in luck, because such a cardigan is perfect when combined with what you want. the we carry with us jeans blues or black daily, with sneakers to be even more comfortable.

It is also the one that is stated when we go a little more dressed up, that is, with black pleated trousers and even midi skirts. That’s when we choose this cardigan to go out or have a drink regardless of time. At the same time it is also worn with linen, short-sleeved shirts and even low-cut dresses. because if it cools, we carry it with us and that is total.

where can you buy it

You have it in El Corte Inglé’s online store that offers a number of quality and reliable garments. Now it is reduced, because before it cost 29.99 euros and now you have it for 14.99 euros, so there is a discount that you get 50% off.

The discounted cardigan from El Corte Inglés perfect for spring nights

There are not always such discounts on this website that you can now enjoy this basic garment that you will wear during different seasons. The sizes now available are 36 and 38, so hurry up before you can run out in a few hours.

the mark of this cardigan is Vero Moda which always offers total versatility in all its garments. It is one of the trademarks of the English court, as it always collects a variety of shops in addition to its own.

You can also go to the physical store to see if this garment and many others are available. And if not, with the web you have the cardigan available and its ease of purchase is unique and fast. It is a completely reliable website because this store has been around for many years.

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