The disappointment of Joaquín Prat with Alba Carrillo and Jorge Pérez


When it seemed that nothing could surpass ‘Merlos Place’, the soap opera between Alba Carrillo and Jorge Pérez that everyone talks about -and, above all, speculates- has reached Telecinco. Unicorn Content’s Christmas party unleashed unhidden passion among the collaborators, becoming an affair that has not only made the wife of the former civil guard feel bad, but also Joaquín Prat.

After knowing the truth after many and diverse versions, the presenter of it’s already noon He could not remain silent and exploded in the face of the controversy: “They have lied to the viewers and to me.” And it is that, although the protagonists of the fleeting love story publicly communicated that there was only a fooling around, without a kiss included, it has finally come to light that there was much more. “Jorge made a stop at Marta López’s house. They tell me that this heater had to be turned off and it was turned off. They put out the fire at Marta’s house,” Miguel Frigenti said just a few days ago in Save me.

Joaquín Prat in ‘It’s noon’ / Telecinco

Information that Isabel Rábago has corroborated, going as far as to affirm that she herself was aware of this detail. “The conclusion I draw is that they have told the same version to do the least public damage (…) I think there are three people who agree to tell one version and the woman, who is the victim of this story, is at the so much. He tells me with hair and signs on Sunday. That’s why I want to know what the other party is going to say, because I am not going to give any details”, explained the journalist.

Jorge Pérez and Alba Carrillo walking / Gtres
Jorge Pérez and Alba Carrillo walking / Gtres

Some statements that have made Joaquín Prat explode, who has shown himself to be very angry and disappointed after learning the truth. Breaking his silence, the host of the television show has invited Marta López to tell what really happened that night and what is being speculated about so much: “Martita, they have left you with your ass in the air. Probably because of friendship you have done what you have done, but I think it is time for you to tell the truth (…) The two protagonists, collaborators of this program, have lied to me. Alba and Jorge have lied to me and to the spectators”.

An absolute disappointment that has come just one day after Prat interviewed Jorge Pérez, who returned to occupy his chair in it’s already noon as a collaborator. “For me it’s fooling around out of hand, but it’s still an absolute lack of respect. No one needs to tear me apart, I’m already broken enough. I still maintain that there is no kiss, I don’t care about the images, ”explained the affected person in front of the presenter, who did not hesitate to give him some very personal advice. “You have to live with that, you have to try to recover that trust, I think you’re going to get it,” Prat said, putting his hand in the fire for a speedy reconciliation.

Joaquín Prat and Jorge Pérez in 'It's noon' / Telecinco
Joaquín Prat and Jorge Pérez in ‘It’s noon’ / Telecinco

However, and despite the commotion caused, it seems that the marriage between the former civil guard and Alicia Peña continues against all odds. “Our marriage will continue, so that no one raises suspicions, but we are in a moment of work on my part, of recollection, of demonstrating, the facts are what count. My work is much longer in time”, stated the collaborator, who He has decided to break all kinds of ties with the woman who stole his heart -even if only for one night-.


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