The details of Meghan Markle’s public comeback: from Mrs. Dee to Queen Sfia

Access Duke of Sussex New York has generated great expectations, but there are also criticisms, because this usually happens in every behavior related to the couple. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry arrived in the city of skyscrapers on Thursday morning They also participated in a series of activities to put an end to this fast travel, and participated in the fair distribution of vaccines held in Central Park. Many international celebrities participated in the activities.

This is the Duchess’ first public appearance in the past year. Apart from occasional virtual appearances, it is also the first time since the birth of her second daughter. Lilibet Diana Last June.

Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle) during one of his visits to New York / Gtres

Unsurprisingly, during this trip, Meghan Markle attracted all the attention, especially her research appearance, and no one was indifferent to it. It is for this time to return to the scene, The Duchess chose the style in the work code Marked by a clear monochromatic trend, neutral tones and a range of colors typical of autumn.

A research strategy responds to the message Megan wants to convey: This is a work trip, so one should not focus on her, which is why a sober male style should work. In another case, they will do this, but we must not forget that this is the first time the Duchess has appeared in public in a few months. In any case, every step of her will be analyzed.

Princess Charlene with the look of Loro Piana / Gtres

Although he looks sober, the truth is that he is not lacking in information and blinking. In this way, the earth tone look was compared with one of the looks worn by Kate Middleton a few months ago. But this is not the only thing being talked about.On the second day in New York, the Duchess wore a masala overall look, consisting of pants and company jackets Parrot piano, There are several royals among the customers of this brand, such as Mary from Denmark, Princess Charlene from Monaco Or Queen Sophia. This is the first time we have seen Prince Harry’s wife wearing a dress with this signature.

Diana of Wales
During the Princess of Wales’ visit to Liverpool

Undoubtedly, the most anticipated blink occurred in his appearance in Central Park. On the date, Meghan Markle wore a retro-style miniskirt with white Valentino rhinestones and black accessories. And it was in the accessories that the Duchess winked unexpectedly at her mother-in-law. The Americans chose the Dior model, This may belong to the princess. In 1995, on the occasion of the opening of the Paris exhibition sponsored by LVMH and Dior, Diana received her favorite handbag model-Chouchou, which was not yet on sale.Soon after she released it, Dior decided to release a new version inspired by her with the name Miss Dior.

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