The delicious hobby that unites King Felipe with his father


Although King Felipe and Don Juan Carlos, there are two completely different ways of existence, and there are several things in common between father and son, which is logical. Although the head of state did not inherit his bullfighting penchant from his father – such as his sister did, little princess elena– Yes, he shares his passion for sailing and other sports with him, but there are other issues too, such as a taste for good food.

Kings Juan Carlos and Felipe of Mallorca / Gtres

It is widely commented that, before leaving Spain after retiring from public life, King Juan Carlos enjoyed a “golden retirement”, spending most of his time fighting bullfights, hanging out with friends, and visiting the gastronomic temples of our country in Spain.because If there’s one thing Felipe VI’s father has always loved, it’s this, Spanish food. In fact, they say it’s one of the things he misses the most, now that he lives in United Arab Emirates.

In the years between his abdication and his exit from public life in 2019 and his subsequent departure from the country in the summer of 2020, news of King Juan Carlos visiting famous restaurants in our country, such as Atrium, De la Riva or Arzak, has been heard many times. Most of the time with Infanta Elena and her children, although sometimes with Doña Sofía.

Don Juan Carlos with King Felipe VI / Gtres
Don Juan Carlos with King Felipe VI / Gtres

Well, in this sense, King Felipe appears to have inherited his father’s culinary tastes. Indeed, monarchs usually prefer to Queen, both of whom took the opportunity to go to the cinema or some local place in the city centre, but in recent weeks the King has enjoyed more traditional fare. On Wednesday, he traveled to Lebrija to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the death of Elio Antonio de Nebrija, author of the first Castilian grammar. During this visit, he took the opportunity to dine at Venta Esteban in Jerez, a hotel near the north entrance of the AP-4 highway. They reported on the king’s visit from the restaurant and released a photo of the king with some of the staff.

As has already happened, The monarch tasted the typical Jerez cabbage and its pringá, one of the most popular dishesHe also tried tomatoes with honey, salad, ham, cheese and fried fish: cured dogfish and Sanlúcar sprigs, both with González Byass fino en rama. In addition, he did not hesitate to finally taste this bacon from heaven. But in addition to this visit, a few weeks ago, at the end of September, the king went to eat at the Puerta Real restaurant in Burgos with a group of classmates from the Naval Military Academy.

king juan Carlos
King Juan Carlos’ First Communion with Don Felipe in Leonor / Gtres

Note that despite Don Juan Carlos’s favorite food, Queen Sofia wasn’t left out. With a stricter diet, Felipe VI’s mother also usually took the opportunity to find some food advice, such as when she was in Mallorca, when she usually went out to dinner with her sister Princess Irene and the Frusaus, or last summer , during one of the king’s trips, he spent an evening with Donna Letizia, Princess Leonor and Princess Sofia.

La Venta Esteban made the message public: “We were very honoured to meet such an outstanding figure as the head of state at our facility, who was kind enough to take pictures with our staff”. For this, the business publicly thanks “for your trust and closeness, and hope your visit to the restaurant was a pleasant and satisfying one.”


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