The declaration and farewell mark the scariest evening party of “Secret Stories”


There are still a few days before the darkest Halloween night of the year, but this Thursday residents have already experienced their panic and fear. The Day of the Dead Gala is one of the favorites of the followers of Telecinco’s reality show, and the chain makes every effort to surprise contestants and audiences.This Thursday is no different, in A story no one knows The most exciting date happened.

If one thing has become clear, it is the protagonist A story no one knows They are not doing well, that is, the screams when they have to enter the horror channel can almost be heard on the scene of the show. Of all the moments, the most distressing was Jorge Javier Vázquez who said the name of the deported: José Antonio Canales. The bullfighter’s face is full of cream, recognizing him as “Screwed up, but happy for Julen. I like to think that there are more important things to do here”, taking the opportunity to say that Julen, who likes very much, has a good day to live.”He has a love story worth continuing to enjoy. «I want to thank him because he has cared about me since the first day. Your child can be proud With their father, I have my friends,” said an excited Julen.

Julen talks about Sandra Pica / Telecinco

The young man was actually one of the protagonists of the night, because after several comings and goings, he finally opened his heart with Sandra Pica this Thursday. Fearing that he was the one to be expelled, he wanted to honestly say how he felt about Catalan, without knowing that she was listening to him. «I think I want to be with her… She is a very important person. Here he is super nice to me, he gave me a lot of support…; She looked at me with lover’s eyes, and I looked at her too ». A beautiful declaration of love made him burst into tears

Jorge Havel
Jorge Javier disguise / Telecinco

Although the contestants had to face their fears, but on the set A story no one knows The protagonist has always been the costume. All the people present showed up with the strangest appearances, especially Jorge Javier Vázquez, who likes “Bru-Javier”.one of them help me She hosted the night with makeup, wigs, glasses, hats and eye-catching dresses, which caused confusion on social networks. «I want to make it clear that Ana Rosa did not attend today. There seems to be a lot of confusion, but no, it’s me », He put on his glasses and said funny, imitating a very Anna Rosa gesture.

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