The decision Jonah Hill made to “protect” himself


Actor Jonah Hill (Django unchained, don’t look up) has decided not to participate in the promotion of audiovisual projects in which he participates in order to “protect” your mental health.

Hill will not attend public events or appear in the media to promote his new productions because these situations “aggravate” him.”anxiety attacks“, – explains the translator in the content of the letter published by the specialized publication Deadline this Wednesday.

“You won’t see me running around advertising for this movie or any of my upcoming movies while I am taking this important step to protect myself.“, says the translator.

main character super sociable told in detail that He has been suffering from this pathology for almost 20 years. and that acting in front of the public does nothing but exacerbate their anxiety and stress problems.

The actor’s letter happened when it just ended Stutza self-produced documentary starring himself that doesn’t have a specific release date yet, but will see the light of day soon.

This work focuses on Hill’s own mental health and how he tries to improve it with the help of his psychologist. In addition, the severity of the pressure on familiar faces of the film industry and how it affects them personally is analyzed.

The whole “journey of self-discovery” that the interpreter will make available to the public to “serve as a therapy and provide tools for a wide audience”, thereby trying to prevent them from going through the same situation.

Despite his mental health issues, the 38-year-old Los Angeles actor was motivated by the future of his big-screen career and said he wouldn’t stop working while “battling anxiety.”


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