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“The cutest pumpkin”

When cats and dogs are resting this Halloween time.

Photos taken for Halloween

A few days before Halloween, Chloe’s master Beagles I want to take a picture with Chlea the cat.

The owner of the dog and the cat decided to immortalize her animals with a pumpkin patch.

There is a chance to discover the complicity of Chloé and Chlea. When the dog’s best friend, a rabbit named Rue, died, Chloe struggled to endure her absence.

To cheer her up, the owner decided to adopt Chlea: “Chloe is very patient and gentle. Chlea is really like a dog,” Megan Cottone told The Dodo.

Chloe and Kalia took a break in the pumpkin patch

During this walk, Chloe and Klia took an adventure: “When we arrived at the pumpkin field, they were all excited and wanted to get off the car to explore this land.”

The owner managed to take some very beautiful photos. As you can see in one of the photos, dogs and cats are great models.

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