The culture awards Morante the National Bullfighting Award for his “classic bullfighting update”.


For the great season of Jose Antonio Morante Camacho, Morante from La Puebla(La Puebla del Río, Sevilla, 1979) was scarcely missing after turning the bull’s world upside down. Year in which the cigar maker was the leader in the ranking and winner of the San Miguel Fair in Seville, jury National Bullfighting Award, provided by the Ministry of Culture, decided to provide.

The jury noted that Morante de la Puebla’s merit in receiving this award in 2021 is summed up in the “unique creative personality of the artist who recreates and updates the classic bullfight for public speakingl “.

Morante from La Puebla a few months ago on esRadio

They also highlighted “their commitment to bullfighting at a particularly difficult time after the Covid-19 crisis, when the right-hander, believing his responsibility as the first figure in the bullfight, has expanded its capabilities. ” This season, Morante, in addition to performing big tasks in Seville and Madrid, expanded the range of herds, advertising himself with bulls of different sizes.

“Morante de la Puebla chose a variety of cases and posters, ranking first in the bullfighting rankings for the season when he performed commemorative tasks in the main squares of Spain,” added the jury for this award, which received € 30,000.

Soon to be 25 years old as a bullfighter

The bullfighter from La Puebla del Rio (Sevilla) turns 25 next year as a bullfighter. Morante made his debut as a bullfighter in 1994 in Guillen (Sevilla) and took an alternative at Burgos in 1997. from the hands of Cesar Rincon and Fernando Cepeda as godfather, with the bulls of Juan Pedro Domec.

Its confirmation takes place in 1998 in Madrid with Julio Aparicio as the godfather and Manuel Diaz “El Cordobes” as the witness. In the same year, he made his debut in France at the Nimes Coliseum and in America at the Plaza de Cali. In 1999, he opened the Puerta del Principe de la Maestranza in Seville.

He has won major arenas in Spain, France and America and is regarded by fans as an example of a bullfighter of art and inspiration.

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