The Cuban government blocked the march of militant Yuniol Garcia, this is the first act of 15N


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Cuban opponent Uniol Garcia Aguilera, The initiator of a protest march in Cuba this Monday, he was banned from leaving home this Sunday.The activist planned to walk through downtown Havana, pretending to be Preview of demonstrations held this Monday All parts of the country call for political change.

According to the Efe agency, the playwright and activist was prevented from leaving his home, held in solitary confinement and guarded by many national security agents dressed as civilians to prevent him from walking into the street as he announced.

Starting at 11:00 am local time, García Aguilera and his family lived in the vicinity of La Lisa, a few kilometers from the city center. The buildings still exist Surrounded by agents blocking the way. At the end of the street, an old yellow school bus crossed to cut off traffic.

There are also mobile phones for human rights defenders Restrict calls Moreover, after he posted a brief recording on Facebook condemning his imprisonment, he was unable to access the Internet.

García Aguilera covered the virtual platform Archipiélago’s initiative to parade on November 15 this year, which troubled the governmentOppose violence and strive for the release of so-called “political prisoners” And resolve differences through democratic and peaceful means.

“Shake the Country”

As he explained to Effie in an interview this week, the purpose of the march is to “shake a country and make people realize that, Spark a debate that sparks change“What he hopes will happen” is done in the most peaceful and civic way. “

In order to avoid possible suppression of the protesters, the playwright said he will walk this Sunday Alone “silent” at No. 23, Central Avenue, Havana at three o’clock in the afternoon Even the iconic boardwalk, as an act of “responsibility” rather than “heroism.”

But his attempt failed. Before the blockade, the young actor hung a white cloth — the color of the logo 15N — and three roses of the same color by one of its windows. He also waved several times to foreign reporters who were waiting for his departure a few meters away.

Next, people associated with the government placed three huge Cuban flags, completely covering the window of the playwright.

A “denial meeting” against the radicals was also held on the ground floor of the building. Dozens of people related to the Cuban government participated.

The government that did not approve the 15N march criticized the organizers and assured the United States to support the initiative as part of its “imperial strategy.”

15N is the successor to the spontaneous protest on July 11. This is the largest protest in decades. It is the result of dissatisfaction with the severe economic crisis-due to the pandemic, the recovery of US sanctions and inflation, which led to shortages, queues and inflation. Poor macroeconomic management.

The Cuban government blamed these problems on the US financial and trade embargo, which became more severe in Donald Trump’s previous administration.

In cuba Seldom consider the right to strike and demonstrate Demonstrations outside of state institutions and against the government have never been authorized.

Control reporter

Another focus of Cuba’s information that day was the decision of the Cuban government Revocation of the press certification of all journalists and graphic designers of Efe Agency In the country, it was returned to two of them in a few hours.

The International Press Center (CPI) convened all Efe journalists accredited in the country on Saturday afternoon and announced that they had revoked their permission to work in Cuba.

They did not explain the reason for this unprecedented measure -The independent Cuban media agreed to contact 15N-or this is an interim or final decision.

The Cuban government’s decision, promoted by EFE and collected by dozens of international media, triggered a series of responses from governments and organizations defending press freedom.

The EU asks Havana to “interpret” The governments of Spain and the United States respectively urge the Cuban administration to restore all certifications.

The Deputy Minister of Western Hemisphere Affairs tweeted: “A few hours before the planned peaceful protests, the disqualification of Efe journalists is another way for the Cuban regime to suppress freedom of information.” Country, Brian A. Nichols.

In the same sense, Gabriela Cañas, president of the Efe agency, notified the Cuban authorities that Recovering only two credentials is not enough He reiterated his request and they will all be returned.


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