The CSIF calls for the resignation of the president of Andalusian doctors


Seville, October 12 (EFE) .- The Independent Union and Central of Civil Servants (CSIF) calls for the resignation of the Andalusian Council of Faculties of Medicine, Antonio Aguado, for his “regrettable” statements on the feminization of the medical profession.

In these statements, Aguado stressed that he sees a problem for his profession in the “increasing feminization” of private medicine, since women cannot devote themselves fully to their professional work “because they have to take care of their children, their pregnancies or taking care of their home”.

The central trade unionthrough a statement, indicated that these words “reveal the little relevance to the daily life of a professional group which, both in public and in private, has given ample proof of its value and dedication in the attention to citizenship, regardless of gender.

“These are words which, because they are sexist and anachronistic, take us back fifty years,” lamented the union organization, which understands that “fortunately, the clock in health and in many other areas professionals has advanced in recent decades in equality, starting with a group, the doctor, where women are in the majority and demonstrate professionalism in each of the public and private health centers where they operate”.

However, he censored the statements of the head of the Andalusian Council of Faculties of Medicine, who “does a disservice to the institution he represents”, to which the CSIF requests “a clear and public rectification in this regard”. ECE

Web editor: Luis Ortega


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