The covert zasca of Pilar Rubio and Fabiola Martínez to Alba Carrillo after her notorious ‘affair’

Just a few hours ago the Antena 3 Christmas dinner took place, and yet, a large part of its attendees have already left with them headlines that will become part of the memory. And it is that, if something was breathed in the atmosphere prior to the evening, it was a very good harmony between the companions, hinting that they all row from the same boat to make the chain a benchmark for entertainment. That was also reflected pilar rubio in front of the Gtres cameras, also demonstrating that she is delighted with the values ​​of the site where she works.

‘El Hormiguero’ team at the Antena 3 Christmas dinner

Despite living in Paris, Sergio Ramos’s wife did not want to miss out on the opportunity to fly to her homeland to reunite with her colleagues and catch up with all of them: “There is a very good atmosphere, the truth is that We are all in the same tune to make programs that contribute something, entertainment, family… I feel very comfortable with the values ​​that the chain has”, he began by explaining. However, if one thing is clear, it is that the celebration will not lead to major issues such as the one that took place recently with Jorge Pérez and Alba Carrillo on the occasion of their producer’s dinner: “Nobody messes around here, we are all super responsible and many of us have to work tomorrow, so we won’t take too long either”, he sentenced, thus clarifying that no one has any intention of confusing friendship with love as the hours of the night pass.

Fabiola Martínez at the Antena 3 Christmas dinner

With this same message you seem to agree very much Fabiola Martinez. Although on several occasions she has admitted to being open to love, especially considering that almost two years have passed since her breakup with Bertín Osborne, the Venezuelan is clear about the idea that her ideal man is not within the Atresmedia facilities, making use of a popular saying from Spain to reflect his thoughts regarding people who mix work with love, being something that does not always go well.

However, both women are about to go through a very happy time in their respective lives in the company of their loved ones. This is none other than Christmas, which they plan to enjoy with their closest friends with the greatest of illusions. So much so, that Pilar Rubio herself did not want to miss the opportunity to refer to one of her favorite foods on these dates: the roscón: “The tradition that I like the most is eating Roscón de Reyes. At the end of this month, there is an oven here in Madrid that makes a roscón de nata for which I am looking forward to that moment”, she settled, very happy as well as excited to be at this dinner and for the family moments that are taking place. to arrive