The Cortefiel jumpsuit with a two-piece effect that is delicious


For years, we have become accustomed to seeing in the streets parades of those comfortable feminine garments that few others, which are jumpsuites. Women adopt them especially at certain specific times in the calendar, such as spring, when the temperature gradually begins to rise. We have apa av Cortefiel two-part effect what do you want

But just as jumpsuits are a choice that does not go out of fashion, new and interesting trends have emerged, such as jumpsuits with a two-part effect, which manage to give them an interesting twist, and make them ideal for events. more formal or summit excursions. In particular, as an example of this, we will stay with this monkey two-piece jacquad effect: Aruba.

Cortefiel effect two-piece jumpsuit

It belongs to the collection “TFP AV TAMARA FALCÓ”From Cortefiel, and it’s a super-exclusive garment in the company’s catalog, one called Aruba precisely because, as we said, it was created to show off at some of the most extraordinary destinations in the world, the ones where you can not be out in tune with the outfit.

This pink-toned dress has that strange two-piece effect, which can confuse anyone who has the opportunity to see it up close. And it also adds several flashy details, such as V-neck at the topwhich insinuates a lot by showing a little.

If we go for the sleeves, we come across the ¾-cut that has been prevalent lately, perfect in fact for seasons like spring / summer, when long sleeves stop bothering, and short sleeves sometimes check out too much. , and more at night.

Made in Spain, this Bow with viscose of the highest quality Mundial is available in sizes from XS to XS, so that everyone can find the one that suits them best and with their usual look.

The Cortefiel jumpsuit with a two-piece effect that is delicious

As a reference, its size is adapted to Pedro del Hierros, and this is because we are dealing with the first exclusive capsule collection of Iron Peter and TFP by Tamara Falcó. This leads us to believe that the stock of the current two-piece jumpsuit will run out very quickly, given how long-awaited this collaboration was.

The The value of this exceptional piece, unique in its kind, is 269.00 euros, denoting the extreme precision with which it has been manufactured, and the stamp of exclusivity with which it has been designed. Without a doubt one that is reserved for the most special occasions in life.

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