The Conservative Party Karl Nihammer, the new leader of the Austrian People’s Party and the new Chancellor of Austria


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The current Minister of the Interior of Austria, Carl Nehammer, Is the new leader of the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) and the new Federal Chancellor. This position must be confirmed by Federal President Alexander Van der Belen.Nehammer will assume a new position in the party after a unanimous vote. Sebastian Kurz resigns As the leader of the party and the speaker of the parliament.

He also resigned yesterday Alexander SchellenbergAfter Kurz resigned as head of government on corruption charges, he assumed the position in mid-October. In his first speech after learning of the appointment, Nehammer assured that his intention was to maintain the line maintained by ÖVP within the government alliance, that is, he has been with Los Verdes (environmentalists) since January 2020. The line of leadership.

Among these topics, he mentioned Maintain strong immigration controls We will also promote tax reforms aimed at reducing the tax burden of the lowest income earners, and continue to formulate plans to strengthen the response to climate change.In addition, he insisted on continuing to implement the strategy of fighting the influenza pandemic in Austria, where the level of vaccination is low Caused a serious fourth wave of infections And deaths, including a mandatory vaccination plan starting in February.

Nehammer announced that Schellenberg will once again assume the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs, which will last until he takes office in the Federal Chancellery in October.In addition, there will be Changes in the heads of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of the Interior.

Kurz resigned as head of government on October 9 Embezzlement of public funds Commissioned and published the rigged polls in 2016. The allegations by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office are based on a series of text messages between the Minister of Foreign Affairs and his collaborators, which were seized within the framework of another investigation. Kurz assured that these allegations were wrong.


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