The clumsy Indiana Jones who took Spanish animation to the top


If there is an animated film that has changed the industry in Spain, at least internationalized it, it is Tadeo Jones. Henry Catits creator and director, surprised us all in 2012 The Adventures of Tadeo Jones. He previously won the Goya Award for two short films. Tadeo Joneswas the stage of creation and search for funding.

Henry Kat.

The first part raised $50 million worldwide. Five years later, in 2017, it premiered. Tadeo Jones 2: The Mystery of King Midas with equal status. And now, after another 5 years and with a pandemic that forced the team to work remotely, Tadeo Jones 3: The Emerald Tablet.

so this week Andrew Arconada wants to talk about Tadeo Jones “and forever” because “Spanish animation is having a great moment.” Critic digital freedom D EsRadio explain that”animated film is worth a lot of money and sometimes it’s very difficult to do”, but “Tadeo Jones has demonstrated and continues to demonstrate that this can also be exported to the whole world.” Therefore, “there is a third part, and we hope that the box office is working.”


AT Tadeo Jones 3: The Emerald Tablet “Again we’ll meet this clumsy, but at the same time enterprising, aspiring archaeologist“. Tadeo Jones’s great ambition is to be accepted as just another by his fellow archaeologists, but he always ends up spoiling it “to the delight of the youngest viewers as well as adults.” We will see him again surrounded by his girlfriend Sarah, “brilliant in his field” and his quirky friends like Mommy, Jeff and Belzoni.


This time Tadeo Jones destroys sarcophagus and unleashes a spell endangering the lives of their friends. And once again, when everyone is against him and only with the help of Sarah, Tadeo Jones sets off on an adventure full of escape that will take him. From Mexico to Chicago and from Paris to Egyptto find a way to break the mummy’s curse.


For Andres Arconada Tadeo Jones 3: Emerald Tablet, “Apart from the perfect technical visualization, it is very exciting and also very beneficial for everyone.” The reason is that “everyone will understand these adventures almost Indiana Jones in clumsy who, after all, knows how to handle his own affairs.” In short, the critic of Libertad Digital and esRadio believes that “this is a good summer movieand the opportunity to watch with the whole family.

Tadeo Jones 3: The Emerald Tablet opens in theaters throughout Spain. Friday 26 August.


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