The clone of Balenciaga jeans that Bershka has not been able to resist


They are the pants of the moment. Watch Balenciaga jeans clone who could not resist Bershka, because they have different details that you will like. In this case, they are affordable because you can also be completely trendy.

It also gives elegance and distinction because it allows our figure to become much more stylized. you must not miss this Jean which is now available in all possible sizes: from 32 to 42.

Look at the Balenciaga jeans clone

We are talking about straight jeans with a laser texture that are almost the same as Balenciaga. They are in a washed blue color while those from the original brand have a slightly darker blue color.

It’s a durable jean, because it’s in care for fiber & water programs, from Bershka. And that means it is made from at least 25% recycled cotton. It should then be noted that recycled cotton is produced from cotton residues from other productions, which reduces the consumption of virgin cotton and the processes for obtaining the fiber.

In addition, you buy a durable garment to be able to contribute to making a better and less polluted world. So according to Bershka, this garment has been produced using technology which helps us to reduce water consumption in the dyeing and washing processes.

What do we wear Bershka jeans with?

Happiness is that it has a special design and for this reason we can wear it at different times of our lives and also throughout the year. It is also the garment that you must have at the moment to start the next spring season well.

The clone of Balenciaga jeans that Bershka has not been able to resist

This is how jeans are worn with t-shirts in all colors and also with sneakers to be able to go completely comfortably to different places. If you combine these jeans with jackets, blazers, cyclists and with heeled sandals, then you will be the queen of the party in the events where the terrace or the night are the main characters. You will be seen because they are slightly different jeans than the ones we have seen so far, thanks to the worn details on practically the entire garment.

Secure online shopping

This jean has a price of 35.99 euros and you can already get it directly from Bershka’s website, which gives you the opportunity to buy and click in a second. So you have your pants in a few hours.

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