The Cleveland Browns have a plan in case Deshawn Watson gets a ‘long’ ban.


Deshawn Watson has dozens of allegations of sexual harassment.

in NFL power apply to suspension on the quarterback because of his past incidents with women.

Nonetheless Cleveland Browns there is a plan in case Watson is unable to play a huge number of games.


According to Mary Kay Cabot, a Cleveland Plain Dealer journalist, the Cleveland Browns could sign another quarterback to replace Jacoby Brissett.

The information released states that new quarterback contract may last until Watson’s return.

Josh Dobbs, the franchise’s third quarterback, could even fall further down with the arrival of a new attacker.

The NFL will determine Watson’s sanctions:

The information indicates that NFL it’s the same planning Watson’s sanction.

The media described the upcoming sanctions as inevitable by Sue L. Robinson.”

The reports say NFL, NFLPA and Robinson held a hearing on the charges.

Mike Florio thinks a solution can come days before or after July 25th.

Watson and his statements:

in Cleveland Browns wait possible suspension for the 2022 season.

Deshawn Watson more than 20 applications for alleged sexual harassment

Last Friday Tony Busbya lawyer representing dozens of women mentioned that all the women who filed lawsuits against Houston Texans resolve issues with the organization.

“Today all the women who have done or were about to do, claims against Houston Texans the organization has settled its claims,” Buzbee said in a statement.

“The terms of the settlement, including the amounts paid to each, are confidential. I will not comment further on the allegations or the alleged role of the Texans, other than to say that there is a marked contrast in how the Texans handled these allegations and how Watson’s team did.”

While Houston Texans decided to settle with 30 women, Watson’s lawyer said that the actions taken by Texas is not associated with its client.

What did the Texans decide to do in own interest is between them and Mr. Busby. it has irrelevant to Deshawn’s cases in general,” Watson’s lawyer, Rusty reported.


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