The cleaning trick that will make your wooden kitchen utensils look like new


A good cleaning routine is essential at home, in the office and in any space where you will spend your time, whether a little or a lot, because dirt can attract insects and disease, as well as aesthetically a dirty place will look horrible. Today we give you an amazing trick that sweeps social media views with which you can clean wooden kitchen utensils and leave them shiny… or not?

Social networks today are the perfect place to find all kinds of tips, whether for cleaning, beauty, for the home, etc., and the fact is that videos with this theme are spinning like a drag of powder and many of them go viral. a few days they get millions of views, especially on platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram.

The viral trick for cleaning wooden kitchen utensils

This trick comes from a viral video in recent weeks on TikTok, where It already has more than 17 million views.a record since the profile has less than 5,000 subscribers, so it’s not a big account that always has a big reach, he achieved it with this video.

In this viral video various wooden spoons are presented, which we already know that over time they darken and become quite ugly, and a great trick is offered to clean them and leave them shiny… or not? According to the video, the trick is to put them in a container with boiling water and leave them for a few minutes, then take them out with a lighter and more natural color, in which it undoubtedly seems that they are cleaner and newer.

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At first glance it looks like a trick, but we may be facing one of those tricks that really isn’t, because when you put these wooden utensils in boiling water, you get remove the protective layer they have so that their use is completely safe. Without this layer, which comes off when soaked in boiling water, the wood would present a risk as it could develop fungus when it gets wet afterwards, a real danger when used to handle food. In fact, hundreds of people comment the same thing in the video and advise against doing it.


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