The Civil Guard who killed his two daughters in Cuenca did not cause any psychological victims


The The police station who allegedly killed his two daughters in the town of Quintanar del Rey (Bowl) was separated and had no history of psychological illness. PC has never exhibited any abnormal behavior, nor is there a history of psychological leave on file. The case is under summary secrecy, although sources in the case speak of strong indications that the woman had shot her daughters and then killed herself. investigate on Federal police of the command of Cuenca.

The facts became known early this morning when, after 7 a.m., one of his colleagues checked that the guard, assigned to citizen security duties in the barracks of Quintanar del Rey he had not reported for his post. As the minutes passed and he could not reach her, one of his colleagues went to the house that the woman occupied in the barracks when the detonations were heard. There, the guards discovered the bodies of the two minors, aged 9 and 11, as well as that of their 42-year-old companion. All were shot dead. The emergency services dispatched to the scene of the event could only confirm the death of the three victims.

Indications at the scene of the event indicate that the guard allegedly shot his daughters and then committed suicide.

The girls’ father and grandparents are neighbors Quintanar del Rey, a town of just over 7,000 inhabitants who woke up this morning to the shock of the tragedy. The guard had arrived in Quintanar a few years ago from his previous destination in an Andalusian province and his partner runs a business in the municipality.

The couple had been separated for some time, although sources from the The police station confirm that the woman had no history of psychological discharge at the Armed Institute, nor abnormal behavior that could have alerted to the unfortunate event.

The case is already under summary secrecy by court order and is being investigated by the Cuenca Command Judicial Police Unit. The Civil Guard associations deeply regret the event and insist on the failure of the protocols against suicide within the Armed Institute, something they have been calling for for years. In 2022 alone, the associations of the Armed Institute recorded nearly thirty suicides in the Civil Guard.


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