The children’s candy that Máxima from the Netherlands cannot resist


like a good argentinian máxima of holland He can’t resist the alfajores. In fact, the wife of king william surprised him a few years ago by sharing the recipe for this sweet so typical of his country of origin on social networks. What’s more, she even published step-by-step images of how to make it, in which the Queen was seen red-handed, literally.

However, it seems that alfajores are not the only sweet that the Queen cannot resist. As the Dutch consort has revealed, she also has a special predilection for another delicacy, this time, of typically Dutch origin. It is a sandwich of bread with butter and chocolate chips or noodles known as ‘hagelslag’.

The Dutch Royal Family posing in Amsterdam / Gtres

Despite the fact that the Queen likes to take care of her diet and eat a balanced diet, from time to time she indulges in the occasional whim, as is the case with this sweet. The ‘hagelslag’ is a typical sandwich in Dutch homes, consisting of buttered bread on which chocolate chips are dropped. Apparently, Máxima from Holland likes to enjoy this sweet for breakfast, although it is also common in the snacks of the little ones. Although it has not been disclosed, this is probably a sweet that the three daughters of the Kings will have enjoyed from their childhood until now.

máxima of holland
Máxima from Holland playing with a baby. /Gtres

If there is something that characterizes Máxima de Holanda, it is her naturalness and spontaneity. As soon as we see her up on a parachute as red-handed or complying with the strictest protocols that mark official acts.

Some say that ‘hagelslag’ was an invention of the city of Amsterdam and was probably created by the sweet maker BE Dieperink. As the story goes, in the year 1919, Dieperink came up with the first variety of hagelslag with crunchy granules flavored with anise and named them ‘hagelslag’, which means ‘slush’ in Dutch. It was a great commercial success.

máxima of holland
Máxima from the Netherlands on a plane. /Gtres

In 1928, another candy company called De Ruijter created their own version of ‘hagelslag’. In addition to the anise-flavored chips, the company offered lemon, raspberry, and orange. Years later, Venz began to mass-produce ‘hagelslag’ chocolate. This is the only company that can use the term ‘hagelslag’ in an official way. It is very easy to prepare ‘hagelslag’. All that is needed is bread, butter and the flavor of ‘hagelslag’ of your choice. It is best to resort to a thick slice of country bread, along with some European butter. What is not known, for now, is how exactly the Queen prepares it. Perhaps one day Máxima will surprise us, just like she did on her day with the alfajores.


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