The CGPJ unanimously rejects the Belarra animal welfare law


The General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) approved this Thursday unanimously the report on the bill reforming the penal code in terms of animal abuse, the law on animal welfare promoted by the Minister Ione Belarrawhere the vowel Rose Bach He warned that with the planned changes, a man mistreating a dog to harm his female companion could be punished for more than a mild assault on her. This was confirmed this Thursday in a press release.

The CGPJ will debate next Thursday the proposal promoted by Belarra. The text of the highest judicial body warns that the toughening of the sentences which are perceived for these crimes “compromises the principle of proportionality”.

Bach warned in his draft report, made public last Monday, that penal reform on animal abuse “could affect the principle of proportionality of sanctions”. Sources from the institution clarified that, for example, with the future law on animal abuse, hitting the dog is punishable by 3 to 18 months in prison and between 6 months and 1 year in prisonl if the woman is assaulted (in both cases without serious injury).

In this regard, the vowel indicated that “another case in which the principle of proportionality may be affected is the punishment provided for animal abuse when it occurs the aggravating circumstance of having committed acts with a view to causing harm to the person who is or was the spouse of the author”.

“The proposed jail term for this case is higher than that currently provided for the misdemeanor misdemeanor of coercion, minor threats, injury not requiring medical or surgical treatment, or mistreatment in the workplace. .” area of ​​violence against women“, a point.

no more sorrows

On another point, he also pointed out that if we compare the offense of injuring vertebrate animals that do not require veterinary care with the minor offense of injuring people who do not require medical or surgical treatment, the penalty is the same, that is to say a fine of 1 to 3 months.

But in the first case, the possibility of a sanction is foreseen job alternative for the benefit of the community whose extension (from 31 to 90 days) determines that the type should be classified as a less serious crime, and not as a minor crime, as is the case with injuries without medical or surgical treatment in the people.


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