The CEO as an influencer: How to assess the attractiveness of business leaders? – Digital Diary

Elon Musk is reported to have told Twitter that he will buy the tech company, just two days before Twitter’s lawyers were to declare him for a trial that begins on October 17. – Copyright POOL/AFP/File Tom Brenner

Some companies seem to be ‘ahead’ of the rest and consequently some CEOs are more ‘influential’ than others (Both as for well and for worse). Who are the most influential CEOs set to make waves in 2022?

With the likes of Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos making daily headlines, the company Tipalti wanted to discover which CEOs have the most influence over us. There are different ways to assess this. One method is to examine the ‘social capital’ of business leaders and use it as a means of expressing influence. East includes potential ability to obtain resources, favors, or information from one’s personal connections.

Tipalti’s study looked at social media presence, TV appearances, net worth, fake news claims, and even merchandise to uncover the most influential CEOs in 2022, and the data was shared with Digital Diary.

The 10 most influential CEOs of 2022:

Range Name Company Twitter Followers TikTok Views IMDB credits fake news Net worth ($) CEO Influencer Score /10
1 Elon Musk tesla 106.5m 12.100 million 158 59 $264 billion 9.91
two Bill Gates Microsoft 200 feet 1.4 billion 241 141 $114 billion 9.60
3 Jeff Bezos Amazon 5.2m 2.100 million 93 8 $142 billion 9.20
4 mark zuckerberg Facebook 0 819.9 million 124 twenty-one $55 billion 7.86
5 tim cook Apple Inc. 13.6m 65.8m 33 0 $1.5 billion 7.72
6 reed hastings Netflix 109.8k 1.7m sixteen two $1 billion 7.68
7 Maria Barra general motors 64.6k 244 13 0 $169 million 5.63
8 james quincey coke co 0 33.1k 7 3 $48.7 million 5.00
9 bob chapek Walt Disney CO. 0 10.1m 18 3 $7.7 million 4.78
10 karen lynch CVS Health 5.9k 131.1k 0 0 $25.6 million 4.69

Looking at the data, it is perhaps not surprising that Elon Musk was crowned the most influential CEO with a score of 9.91 out of 10. Musk has been a high-profile CEO of Tesla since taking the job in 2008 and , controversially, , bought Twitter. Interestingly, Musk had the most fan-created merchandise, returning more than 25,000 results when searching for his name. He also has a high social media score of 10 out of 10, as he has the most followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok.

Notably, when gender equality is considered, only two women make the list of the 10 most influential CEOs; Mary Barra, who ranks seventh and Karen Lynch, who ranks tenth.

Other things of interest are that most of the CEOs on our list are in the technology sector with the founders of Microsoft, Apple and Facebook in the top five. A big player in the tech space is Bill Gates, who has the most TV appearances with 241 IMDB credits. More than half of these credits come from appearances on talk shows and news interviews, where Gates appeared as a guest.

However, not everything is good on social media. Gates also has by far the most fake news claims associated with his name at 141.