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At Lyon, students do not lack motivation to revise their courses! Their university library is the home of Robert, an adorable 10-year-old cat. The feline has become a real mascot, whose daily life is often immortalized through photos on social networks. went to meet him!

Robert roams freely in the “Education” library at Lyon 1. “Robert”…is that the name of the librarian on duty? Lost! This is the last name of the place’s cat mascot! Since his arrival at the National Institute of Higher Teaching and Education (Inspe) premises in 2017, he has never left the bookshelf…to the delight of the students.

Although relatively independent, I appreciate the hugs of my classmatesJulie Tardy, Inspe’s PR manager, confirmed that the company was contacted by At noon, he sharedyour lunch! ».

He scrapes in all student bowls during lunch break Former student Perrine jokingly confirmed this. ” We see it a lot; he’s cuteEmma added. He napped on the desk, between the computer and the book! »

Their only regret? It’s the cat’s name! “Students entered our Instagram contest to reinvent it; several stood out, including ‘Tigrou’, ‘Brioche’ or ‘Kevin’, Julie said. But Robert is still relevant: it’s the name given to the first class of students who met him.”

If the students are captivated, so are the employees! ” colleagues like himJulie confirmed. He takes care of it in a slightly privileged way “.

shared happiness

All this attention seems to conquer the feline with only light-colored eyes and thick gray fur. Photos shared on social networks speak for themselves. We saw Robert proudly strolling down the hallways of the building, lounging in the large armchair in the library! ” In short, everyone loves it, and mutual! Summarize the established communications manager.

However, it is difficult to know his past: it is considered abandonedMoved J. Tardy. He is about 10 years old, unidentified “Fortunately, he took the initiative to find his true family…for life. A less incongruous “literary” environment, where cats have developed a special bond with writers over the years!

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