The cartoon of Clara Chía that confirms the bad vibes in Kosmos


Clara Chía continues in the eye of the hurricane. Although the youngster is trying to go unnoticed, the truth is that being Piqué’s new illusion does not make it so easy. Since her relationship with the soccer player in the middle of a divorce from Shakira came to light, all the critics have gone towards herwho seems to have made the decision to seclude himself at home in an attempt to get away from the media spotlight.

However, his name remains trending topic on social networks. Now, just one day after the Colombian and the Catalan have signed the divorce, it has leaked a cartoon de Chía who makes it clear that he does not quite fit in with his coworkers. As she has reported, this tasteless drawing in which the young woman’s features are exaggerated would have been created by Kosmos workersa company in which Piqué is a partner and in which his new love is working.

In addition, in the cartoon you can read: “Wanted. Reward. Employee at Kosmos. She’s crazy”. A few words that could refer to the teleworking that the young woman has received after the media harassment that she is receiving and that she seems to have not gone down well with her colleagues. “They tell me that he no longer even goes to work at the Kosmos headquarters, but that he teleworks from home, he is not strong”, has indicated Jordi Martín. The paparazzi, in addition to reporting that it is “destroyed”, wanted to emphasize that the relationship with the Kosmos workers is cordial to say the least, a reason that would have led Gerard Piqué to organize a dinner with them to put aside the quarrels.

And it is that, as reported a few days ago by Laura Fa, the new illusion of the footballer could have “fed up” to her colleagues, to such an extent that they have confirmed that the young woman has taken a “change of attitude” that no one expected. According to the communicator, Clara Chía “is beginning to feel very comfortable in the role of her first lady”, which is why the Kosmos workers are turning their backs on her.

The judicial and sentimental end of Shakira and Piqué

A new harassment and demolition of the young woman who arrives just a few hours after Piqué and Shakira met at the Court of First Instance and Family No. 18 in Barcelona to ratify their separation agreement. Around 9:30 in the morning yesterday, the former couple arrived at the judicial premises separately and accompanied by their lawyers. While the FC Barcelona player entered through the front door, the interpreter of waka waka He did the same for the back, without coinciding at any time.

Shakira, leaving the trial / Gtres

Such is the bad relationship that they maintain to this day that the document to be signed was in a room that the Colombian woman accessed first and then the soccer player, thus avoiding any type of contact. A definitive step with which the ex-couple he has closed -once and for all- the most complicated stage of his marriage.


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