The Canary Islands budget for 2023 will include “selective” aid for middle and low incomes


Santa Cruz de Tenerife (EFE).- The Vice President of the Government of the Canary Islands and Minister of Finance, Román Rodríguez, told Parliament this Tuesday that the draft regional budget for 2023 will include direct aid, deductions and bonuses “selective for middle and low incomes, as has been done so far.

Rodríguez, who answered a question on the subject from the deputy of the Mixed Group Vidina Espino, confirmed that the budgets, still in preparation, will focus on health, education, social rights, public works and housing.

Espino called for “tax relief” for the Canary Islands, which are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with their payments or fill their basket.

He denounced that the government of the Canary Islands managed inefficiently and left 670 million euros unexecuted in 2021.

Román Rodríguez replied that throughout the legislature the government has been up to the task and has managed effectively.

In another parliamentary response, this time to the deputy of Nueva Canarias Esther González, Rodríguez gave as an example of the effective management of direct aid to the pandemic, 1,307 million euros in total between the funds transferred by the State and his, materialized by 100 percent.

Regarding the State Budget for 2023, the Vice President and Minister of the Treasury, confided that “the progressive majority of Congress” will add the necessary votes to carry it out, because it will be advantages for the social majority and for the services public.

He recalled that it is already on record that the Canary Islands will have 6,519 million euros in regional funding in 2023 and said that next year the resources for REF 2022 must be improved in the state budget , in which “we have already achieved” the greatest historical appropriation. EFE

He also mentioned that the State will respect the sentence of the road agreement so that the Canary Islands have the additional 238 million still due. EFE


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