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On Wednesday, December 15, the Canadian federal government announced that it would return to the previous step due to the development of the Omicron variant: Canadians can still travel abroad, but these routes qualify as “non-essential” are theirs. “Not recommended” for another four weeks. This rule will then be reconsidered. This “advice” was already valid during the previous season 2020-2021, during which thousands of them flew to certain destinations, such as Florida. On the other hand, the land border was closed then and is no longer there.

Many Snowbirds have already arrived in Florida, perhaps half of the “normal” December, and others have been preparing for this before the announcement, which shouldn’t change much, as most were already planning to head south.

“International” families, Snowbirds and tourism experts feared further unnecessary border closures; unnecessary because it does not slow down the development of covid. The Washington Post, Atlantic, Foreign policy and other important media, which usually support Joe Biden, feared these extended outages during the summer and emphasized their unscientific nature. However, governments have become accustomed to reacting to border threats whenever a new variant occurs. In France, for example, when the first two cases of Omicron appeared in Belgium, Health Minister Olivier Véran said: we will strengthen controls at the Belgian border“. Everyone will be able to assess the scientific and political relevance of this statement !!! (1) Last summer, the opening of the Spanish border was threatened, etc.

The ultimate destination of most Canadian tourists is Florida, and it should be borne in mind that they have been statistically much more vulnerable to covid in Quebec than in Florida for more than two months … (see tables below).

Last winter, the Snowbirds could even get vaccinated for free in Florida, while they couldn’t do it in Canada for weeks.

These policies are therefore quite curious. Remember that until last January (2021) it was possible to fly back to Canada when you were sick with a covid : indeed, no test has been required by that date, while countries such as France have required these tests as soon as the borders reopened in July 2020.

Of course, it must be borne in mind that Covid-19 is a dangerous and contagious disease and that everyone must accept their responsibility to avoid it.

– 1 – How did he decide to control the Belgians? More like Flemish, or rather Walloon?

Covid Florida Case Curve:

Remember that Florida has three times the population of Quebec …… ..

Covid case curve in Quebec:

Curve of Covid cases in Quebec
Curve of Covid cases in Quebec


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