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The calf rescued by the teenager from the slaughterhouse now lives in a shelter! -Zimo News

Olive, a 6-month-old calf escaped the slaughterhouse with the love of an 11-year-old girl! Zoe and her father do their best to find a refuge where the cow can live happily. has joined its new family.

Saved from death! In Canada, a calf escaped bad luck with the help of 11-year-old Zoe and her father.

The little girl met this six-month-old cow at a market. Within a few days, she became friends with this animal. ” They are really obsessed with each other “My father said (British Broadcasting Corporation). They just want to hang out together, go for a walk, hug!

Therefore, it is impossible to see bovids reproduce! ” His life survived only while participating in local events, Sternly rebuked Nancy Trudeau, the head of the “Monkey Space” shelter, and joined So she should be sent to the slaughterhouse immediately after the show“To avoid this tragic fate, the father and daughter worked hard to find a place for her to pick her up.” We just want her to live her life “, moved the young Canadians. The mission was successful!

Zoe fell in love with Oliver, a 6-month-old calf who was destined to be sent to the slaughterhouse… © DR

New life in the sanctuary

The calf named Oliver is cared for in the “Monkey Space” reserve in northwest Montreal, where she is safe. ” We will take care of her, Assured Nancy. We give her everything she needs! The bovids are happy to play around his new farm with other animals, and these animals also come from the rescue. She even sympathized with a cow-Sophie-she became her surrogate mother, and another calf-Nicky-has played the role of the big brother! “ Nycky was only 10 days old when he reached the monkey space, and his mother had just been killed in the slaughterhouse, Said the person in charge of the shelter. Two months later, Sophie arrived… Her child was shot. The three are a real family! “.

Cherries on the cake: Oliver regularly receives her two saviors. Every time, she recognized the little girl and expressed her love for her! ” These animals are sentient beings: they have a strong ability to love and express emotions., Observe his father. If Zoe had a bad day, Oliver could almost smell…

Zoe and her father often go to the shrine to see their little disciples. © Doctor

Millions of calves are slaughtered for the dairy industry

The same is true in France, where the dairy industry sends nearly 2 million calves to the slaughterhouse every year. They are 6 months old… and the cows can live to 20 years old! From birth, they were brutally separated from their mother. If most females (which is not the case in Olive) are used to renew the herd, then the males will be fattened to be slaughtered.

During their brief existence, they lived in separate niches-even in extreme temperatures! -, deprived of all visual contact… The true torture condemned by the Foundation 30 million Amis has issued an alert to the national service department to correct the situation.

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