‘The Butcher of Bha’: The Russian Colonel Who Commanded the Massacre of Over 300 Civilians in Bha


The Russian commander suspected of directing the Butcha massacre already has a first and last name.This is Lieutenant Colonel Azatek Omurbekov, the brigade commander who controlled Bucha and left the city streets, the bodies were scattered all over the place. A carnage that shocked the West has prompted the EU and the US to impose more sanctions on Russia.

According to Ukraine, Russian troops murdered unarmed civilians and brutally raped women and children on the orders of Omurbekov. After the Russians were evacuated, mass graves were also found in the city, with bodies tied up.All in all, some 410 corpses Found in cities outside Kyiv after Russians will retreat to Belarus and Russia.

‘Notify napalm’a Ukrainian group that monitors Russian troops Special release of Russian intelligence secrets, assuring that Omurbekov was the leader of the soldiers who committed the Bukha massacre. The group also released his email, phone number and address.

Omurbekov, in his forties, of Mongolian descent, is a veteran of Putin’s army.behind him 1600 soldiers. They were all assigned to Bucha, where they stayed for over a month. They arrived early in the invasion and held Bucha until last week.

The commander’s military unit had to travel across the entire Russian territory to reach Ukraine. The Omurbekov Brigade is stationed in Khabarovsk in the Russian Far East, near Mongolia and Japan.

Omurbekov won in 2014 his military service medal And was blessed by the Russian Orthodox Church in November, just a few months before the invasion began. In fact, it was in early December that U.S. intelligence leaked that Russia planned to invade Ukraine. That said, he was blessed when he already knew he was going to be part of the invasion of Ukraine.

Four months after his blessing, he was accused of directing the massacre of 330 to 340 civilians, the death toll determined in Boucha, according to Ukrainian media.

Five bodies found in Ukrainian city of Bukha after Russian troops withdraw


Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov described the actions of the Russian army as “inhumane” and compared it to Nazi soldiers.

“The Butcher of Bha” and his men had to turn around and go back to Russia. Ukrainian resistance exceeded their expectations, as did the entire Kremlin army. Over the weekend, Ukrainian troops regained control of the entire Kyiv region.

Although the “Butcher” troops had to leave Butcha, they did not completely withdraw from the war.Apparently the “Butcher of Butcha” and his troops are now close Belgorod cityon the Russian-Ukrainian border, awaiting relocation in another Ukrainian city.

After the massacre of Buddha, UN decides on Thursday to expel Russia from Human Rights Council The vast majority. Several countries, including France, Germany and Spain, expelled Russian diplomats this week.

Russia has denied the crimes in Bukha, saying they were “staged” images organized by Ukraine to get the West to hand over more weapons.

Russian-Ukrainian War


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