The burning chapel of Veronica Forque will be at the Spanish Theater tomorrow.


Burning chapel Veronica Forke, who was found dead yesterday at her home, will be at the Spanish Theater tomorrow, Wednesday, from 11:00 to 16:00, family sources told Efe. Forke, whose body was brought to the Forensic Science Center for autopsy yesterday, will be watched by his family from noon this afternoon at the San Isidro Funeral Home in Madrid.

The burning chapel, which will be installed tomorrow, will be open to the public. The actress performed on this stage in Mrs rosita, in the editing by Miguel Narros, and in 2020 as the director of the play Spanish, Franco is dead… Many cinema and theater figures, in which she developed most of her career, expressed their regret over the death of the actress yesterday.

Actors, directors and fellow programmers Chef, where he had participated in the last months, they remembered his sympathy, his mercy, his spirituality and his tenderness. The actress was the queen of comedy in the eighties, starring in films such as Joyful life, Be unfaithful and don’t stare with anyone, What have I done to deserve this? or Kika

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