The bulls from La Palmosilla star in a fast fourth run of the bulls with four injuries.


The bulls from Rancho Cadiz in La Palmosilla ran a fast fourth Sanfermines 2022 bull run that lasted two minutes and 29 seconds, with the streets of Pamplona filled with visitors over the weekend.

Almost unparalleled in the La Palmosilla bull run: only one intervention in 2019 that they completed without a bod and with a speed record that year, repeated their noble and concentrated behaviordespite logical dangerous moments and numerous falls of runners due to high participation.

Four runners were taken to medical centers with various injuries. The first preliminary report from the Red Cross about the bull run was confirmed by the director of the University Hospital of Navarra (HUN), Estrella Petrina.

As noted, one of the victims had a craniocerebral and maxillofacial injury and other limb injuries.

After the third song into the niche of San Fermin to ask for their protection, the herd came out grouped and compact, led by halters, among which a black burraco bull camouflaged, which confused more than one. Some of the intense moments of the race were experienced in the Relay.where one of the halters fell.

Fast from the start, the torada lined up with no problem at the Cuesta de San Domingo, where the bull closed the group led by the meek one, also through the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

After a kick at the entrance to Mercaderes, the curve of which the herd kept clean, the herd again grouped to move along Calle de la Estafeta, where numerous falls of waiters have been recorded and, even, one of the meek, but not particularly influencing the course of the act.

At the end of the famous street, two bulls took command and made a beautiful race that drove the bulls to the Telephones, where one of the bulls from Palmosilla remained a little behind, although he did not lose the thread of his movement. brothers.

The march was also characterized by cleanliness in the alley, which continued until the herd reached the bullring, grouped, except for one of the bulls, separated by a few meters. However, he followed in the footsteps of his brothers, who had entered the pigsty not long before, and the understudies did not need them.


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