The budget kills the “geringonça” led by Antonio Costa, and Portugal prepares for the elections

The Portuguese word of the year in 2016 is geringonça. This word means “bad” and is a nickname given to the government by the opposition, which was established by the socialists at the end of 2015. Antonio Costa (Who ranked second in these elections). The left-wing agreement consists of the Costa Socialist Party (PS), the Communist Party (PCP), the Esquida Group (BE) and the Green Party Ecologists (PEV).

His critics are convinced that this will not last more than a few months. But they were wrong.this geringonça The legislature is over, Costa won four years later, In the 2019 election. To reconfirm the status of the Prime Minister, thereby reconfirming geringonça.

The last is “idiot” Six years in power in Portugal It has collapsed because the Left League failed to agree 2022 budget.

Last year BE had already voted against public accounts (this is a self- geringonça We saw the light in 2015). The new thing this year is that PCP and PEV also voted against, which undoubtedly reduces the budget.

The Communists defended their opposition because they promised that the government would refuse to raise the minimum wage to 850 euros (they would only raise it to 705 euros), because they did not get a promise to create a network of free public nurseries and refused to resume collective bargaining (in the hope of the Communist Party). Conditions), refused to raise the salaries of civil servants, and even decided to re-evaluate pensions below the agreed level, according to newspaper From Portugal.

Members of the Portuguese Parliament vote on the 2022 budget.


These are some of the reasons put forward by the PCP, but analysts believe that this new attitude to break with PS is directly related to the fact that the Communist Party lost some municipalities in the last local elections.

Obviously, The Communists will conclude that the agreement with the Socialist Party will eventually “steal” their votes, As has happened in all elections held since the election geringonça 2015. This is why they are now trying to keep their distance from the socialists and go their own way.

Now that the parliament has cancelled the budget, Portugal will hold elections early.Although the Prime Minister expressed his willingness to remain in power, even in twelfth, Because there is no valid public account at the beginning of 2022.

Rush towards “geringonça”

No miracles, no conspiracies, no last-minute surprises. The rejection of the budget is the final blow to the government geringonça.

For BE leaders, Catalina Martins, “this geringonça He died of an obsession with the absolute majority. “And he also pointed out that this time there is no “road of compromise” that existed in 2015, and there is no written agreement to lay the foundation for the entire legislature.

The Communist Party’s parliamentary leader, Joao Oliveira, Said in the collected statement, “We cannot give an answer that only the government can give.” Effie.

On the other side of the chamber, the leader of the opposition party, Relio (PSD, center right) accused the Costa government of “completely relying on the radical left” and “at the mercy of their demands.” “It can never form a stable parliamentary majority,” he said.

“This government died here in Parliament, this geringonça Also”, sentenced the leader of the extreme right-wing Chejia, Andre Ventura, Analysts ranked him as one of the people who can get the biggest return in this election.

The government does not resign

After losing the election, the prime minister insisted that the government would not resign and promised to ensure national stability.

Costa insists not to close any gates, and there is even no possibility of ruling twelfth, This is a legal way to keep his budget reduced. However, this is an option that the political arc has actually ruled out. There is also Portuguese media. Newspapers in neighboring countries pointed out that the election campaign started yesterday, which was not in vain.

Antonio Costa during the budget debate in the Portuguese parliament.


President, conservative Marcelo Rebelo De Sousa, Has stated that he will meet with leaders of different political parties to convene the Council of State and dissolve the parliament.

“I will listen to the opinions of all parties on this issue. Only then will I make a decision,” the president assured reporters this Wednesday before Parliament vetoed the budget.

After checking the accounts “no”, the President met with the Prime Minister this Wednesday and will receive the Council of State on November 3. At the same time, in the corridor, The political parties are already speculating on possible election dates They pointed out that mid-January is the most likely choice. January 16 seems to be the chosen date, but it has not yet been officially determined.

“For the sake of the national interest, I think there is no other way out (except early elections),” the right-wing leader insisted at the end of the parliamentary vote. “We must resolve the situation quickly from a political perspective. It is necessary to hold elections as soon as possible,” he claimed.

Costa’s words

“I’m sorry to close it prematurely,” the socialist leader Antonio Costa admitted before the plenary session of the General Assembly that rejected the budget.

“I believe that my frustration” and the “frustration” of left-wing voters “can be transformed into a strong, stable, and lasting majority in the upcoming legislative session.”

“Who do you want to be with? With the socialist government, or do you want to join the right to oppose the socialist government?”, he initiated in a message to Bloco de Esquerda and the Communist Party. “For me, voting against the left is also a personal failure”This is Costa’s last sentence before meeting the President of the Republic. The mold has been cast.


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