The brownie shoes that you will get tired of seeing among the beautiful girls from Madrid this summer


Brownie is a national brand that is breaking through in the closets posh from Madrid, your new shoes already have a waiting list. This summer, one of the classics par excellence for decades, the Swedes, will return. The most retro style of all returns, the search for precious materials and the most timeless designs. A kind Footwear What brownies has created to give us the highest possible comfort, quality and design, before they run out, look for these shoes, they are the trend at the moment.

Brownie has the shoes that you will get tired of seeing among the beautiful girls in Madrid this summer

Clogs have been at the top of the fashion wave for decades, since the 70’s, the moment of its peak in search of the traditional elements that had followed humanity for centuries. We Swedes find them present in very different countries and places, from Holland to Galicia, in woods that have marked the history of the centuries.

During the hippie era, this work of art was found of the complements in a very specific format. The search for feet that move at high speed and let us feel the essence of this country that we love so much. Clogs can be removed quickly and are the essence of comfort that connects us directly with nature.

Brownie has created this summer’s most beautiful Swedish or shoes. Not only is the design one of the most applauded, but also the materials with which it is made, as well as something as essential in these times as the price. All these factors work together to give us the best in the first person.

They are shoes made of leather. Our feet will have the best of the hand of a type of shoe that will never hurt us. Whether we have a wide or narrow foot, with this element we will be able to enjoy maximum comfort. Clogs never fail, especially when it comes to a walk around the world in the summer when the foot is more exposed.

Light with gold detail and a sole that will make us go up in height., so are the Swedes with the signature Brownie who triumph among the beautiful girls from Madrid. For only 69.90 euros, they are a sure bet to succeed in a few days where the movement is constant. These shoes are and will be a trend, it is a timeless accessory that will return with great force in this new season.

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