The blow on Georgina’s table that compromises Cristiano’s family


In the house of Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina it is already Christmas. This year, Manchester’s best-known family has beaten even Mariah Carey and since the beginning of the month the tree already shines in his living room. The little ones in the house are delighted with the decoration and the same happens to the influencers, who was in charge of sharing the new Christmas decoration with her followers. We are entering, then, the most beautiful time of the year, where everything is good wishes and in which most families get together. Nevertheless, This year we will not see the family photo in which Gio eats the nougat with Dolores and the other Aveiro clan. The last ugly and contempt of some outstanding members of the family of the player They have made Jaca hit the table and have made a decision: Christmas yes, but far away.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez with their children / Instagram

As you may have learned LOOK Exclusively, at the end of the summer, Cristiano told his mother that this year he would not spend the night of December 24 with her. Ronaldo had made the decision to spend such important dates in the company of Georgina and the couple’s 5 children. This digital knows that the presence of Ivana Rodríguez, sister of the player’s partner, together with her boyfriend, the sculptor Carlos García and their daughter, is, however, practically assured. What has happened so that the family does not come together? Sources of all solvency assure this digital that relations between the Aveiro clan and Georgina are going through a very delicate moment. Although contact is fluid with Hugo and Katia, two of the footballer’s brothers, the same is not the case with pains and Elma, Cristiano’s older sister. For months now relations have been very deteriorated, perhaps more than ever. The fact that last summer Elma chose Merche Romero, her sister’s ex-partner, as godmother of her event did not sit well with the couple, especially the mother of Alana Martina and Bella Esmeralda. The false rumors of estrangement between the couple that many have attributed to sources close to the Aveiros has led to gio He decided to cut his losses and since then the relationship between the two most important women in the life of crack has been very scarce.

Georgina Rodriguez / Gtres
Georgina Rodriguez / Gtres

Georgina’s rudeness to her mother-in-law

The highest point of the tension was experienced on September 29 in Braga, Portugal. Cristiano was playing a game with the Portuguese team and both his girlfriend and his family traveled to the Lusitanian city to see him play. Although they were all in the VIP box of the stadium, it could be said that they were together but not scrambled. Georgina didn’t even come over to say hello to her mother-in-law., something for which she was highly criticized in the local press. The only one with whom she could be seen talking was with Katia, who traveled from Brazil, the country where she lives, to be able to enjoy the company of her brother for a few days.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez and Dolores Aveiro
Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodríguez and Dolores Aveiro after winning after winning the Serie A soccer title trophy, at the Allianz stadium, in Turin, Italy, 2019/ Gtres

The desired reunion

The situation is very annoying for Cristiano. The soccer player adores his mother, but knows that her influence has often been questionable in their relationships. The constant tug of war, the conservations camouflaged with the press, the half words and the silences have undermined the trust that Dolores and Gergina should have in each other. In recent weeks, both the couple and the mother have tried to approach positions at the player’s request. The clan matriarch traveled to Manchester where she stayed for a week. LOOK has been able to learn that the first steps towards reconciliation have been taken. However, in relation to Christmas, nothing has changed. Cristiano and Georgina will pass them by, while the Aveiros will all meet this year in Gramado, Brazil, at the home of Ronaldo’s singer sister. Regardless of who is right or more reasons, the truth is that the disagreements do not come from now, but with the one that Cristiano is falling for, it is better for his team to close ranks. Union make force.


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