The big fight between José Ortega Cano and Ana María Aldon after hypnosis


It seemed that the waters had calmed between Jose Ortega Cano (68) and Ana Maria Aldon (Four. Five). Nothing could be further from the truth. After announcing on October 22 their break after more than ten years of marriage and a child in common, and reaching a divorce agreement a few weeks ago, the information continues that points to new and strong discussions between the one from Sanlúcar de Barrameda and bullfighter.

Ana María Aldón and José Ortega Cano taking a walk / Gtres

The last big fight would have taken place after the designer made some statements on the program Party-in which he usually collaborates-, last weekend, when he underwent an episode of hypnosis. Ana María revealed that during the birth of her son with José Ortega Cano she felt very alone, since, at that time, the right-hander was imprisoned in Zaragoza, serving a sentence of two and a half years in prison for the death of Carlos Parra in a traffic accident that he caused in May 2011, when he was driving with more than double the authorized blood alcohol level. «I was very accompanied during pregnancy and childbirth, but I saw myself alone again with another creature. My child was one year old when his father was in Zaragoza».

Also, the designer spoke about the family misunderstanding that has always suffered by the environment of the father of his son. «That situation was horrible, seeing myself alone again with another child. What I remember is that throughout the pregnancy they were very hard on me. They didn’t know me at all. They covered their faces, they put a microphone on them and they spoke the greatest of me, “said Aldón.

Ana María Aldón and José Ortega Cano in Zaragoza / Gtres
Ana María Aldón and José Ortega Cano in Zaragoza / Gtres

That day, during the publicity, Ortega Cano called the journalist Beatriz Cortazar (59) to let him know that he had been greatly annoyed by the words of his Ex wife about her family and defend that she was not alone and that she had the support of an anonymous person who works in the family home. But the anger of Gloria Camila’s father (26) went further. According to the journalist Antonio Rossi (53) told this Wednesday in Ana Rosa’s programat the end of the program, the bullfighter reproached the former contestant of Survivors 2020 that “he would tell a story that he did not live like that.” “Ortega Cano does not believe that she should be so unfair to her and his family. He was very annoyed that Ana María pointed out her family again and that she compares her first birth, in a complicated family situation, with a complicated couple and episodes of abuse with the loneliness that she could suffer in Zaragoza », Rossi has expressed. .

But nothing stays there. The journalist has confessed the bullfighter’s wish that “the story ends now, that he stop talking about him”, and that the designer sets course for the new house that she has bought in El Casar, Guadalajara, for 250,000 euros. “For the first time he already expresses clearly and openly to her circle that he wants her to disappear from her life,” she adds.

José Ortega Cano with sunglasses / Gtres
José Ortega Cano with sunglasses / Gtres

These words would go according to the images that we have been able to see of the right-hander in recent weeks, in which it seems that he is beginning to rebuild his life away from the mother of his son.


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