The big decision of the Danish royal family Margaret


The monarchy is an institution that needs to adapt to a new age to survive, which is not considered outdated and outdated.this is a problem King Charles III is very internalized, so hopefully soon, the recently inaugurated British monarch will make major changes to the royal structure that will make it more flexible and, most importantly, useful. However, the son of the unforgettable Queen Elizabeth is not alone in realizing this reality. A few years ago, Sweden’s Carl Gustav was shocked when he announced that he would strip (or release) his five grandchildren – the children of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Madeleine of Sweden – of their royal rights and obligations. the world. Now it’s Margaret of Denmark taking a step forward.

Swedish royal family photo.

The only contemporary queen to still do so has just released a statement following the death of Queen Elizabeth, in which she revealed the keys to ruling within the royal family in the near future. Texts distributed by the Department of Communications on issues that are as relevant as the use of titles and family member titles.

“In April 2008, Her Majesty the Queen conferred upon her children, their consorts and their descendants the titles Count, Countess and Countess of Monpezate. In May 2016, it was also announced that Her Royal Highness Prince Christian was the Queen’s only The grandson, who is expected to receive an annual stipend from the state as an adult.

Isabella of Denmark on her confirmation
Margaret of Denmark and some of her grandchildren.

A lengthy statement explained queen margaret It has been decided that, starting next year, the children of Prince Joachim will no longer be considered princes and will only be able to use their titles Count and Countess of Monpeza. Therefore, they will no longer be the princes and princesses of Denmark, and will only be regarded as “Lords”. According to the statement, the decision is “consistent with similar adjustments made in different ways by other royal families in recent years.”

queen margaret
Queen Margaret in file image.

As the article points out, the Queen’s goal is to create a more liberal framework for her four grandchildren who are not necessarily connected to the royal family, as they are not bound by their obligation to serve the institution. Of course, this clearly shows that his place in the heirs remains the same.

At present, no further details have been provided on the Queen’s decision, which in principle only affects Prince Joaquin’s children, but does not affect him who continues to remain the son of the monarch.


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