The Best of Britney Griner’s Funny Including Kissing Kevin Durant in Tokyo


WNBA superstar Britney Griner brings joy to those around her, but she is currently serving a nine-year prison sentence in Russia for bringing less than a gram of THC with her when she entered the country.

President of the United States Joe Biden reportedly in talks exchange of prisoners with Russia bring Griner home.

US State Department says Rodman’s visit to Russia will complicate Griner’s case

Despite the current uncertainty about Griner’s status, it’s important to paint a picture of her personality prior to her arrest.

Some people across the country who don’t know Griner well portray her as a person, got what she deserved.

If they knew that Griner help her community and loved by her peers, perhaps they would feel differently.

Check out some of Griner’s funniest moments, starting with the kisses. Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Duran during Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Brittney Griner kisses Kevin Durant

During Durant’s time Instagram live feed, he asks Griner to say hello to his followers.

Griner greets him hesitantly and kisses Durant on the cheek.

Durant winced before saying, “You’re lucky I love you bro.”

The Nets star has previously stated that he and Griner are close friends, saying they will play cards together in Tokyo.

Another of Griner’s most viral moments also included Durant, but it starred DeMarcus Cousins.

Britney Griner challenger DeMarcus Cousins

Griner said she could win NBA center DeMarcus Cousins one on one during Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Several NBA players have spoken out about the contest, and Durant said he likes Griner’s confidence but will have to take Cousins.

Even Griner’s coach said he’d bet his house on Cousins ​​defeating Griner if there was no refereeing, meaning the 6-foot-11 big guy could get a workout.

The great thing about this moment is that Griner never backs down from his opinion, laughing like Kawhi Leonard when told that Cousins ​​was not giving her a chance to fight.

She then called Cousins, who is two inches taller than her, a “little man” you can’t help but love.

Grittney Griner on Conan O’Brien

Early in her career, Griner appeared on Conan O’Brientalk show and I had a funny moment with the host.

Griner gave Conan a bow tie, which he later put on his head and posed as a little girl.

When Conan asked Griner about a possible NBA game, she replied: Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban told her that he would think about the idea.

Griner never played in the NBA, but made a name for herself in the WNBA and world basketball.

The US government must hurry to help free Griner, a kind soul who does not deserve jail time.


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