The Berska studded bag that goes with everything


In its new collection for this season, Bershka has surprised us with a studded bag It goes with everything and has an incredible price. It is available both in the online store and in physical stores and it has become a great sales success.

Bershka’s most TOP studded bag

Made from 100% polyester, it’s a black bag with rhinestone bounce details. The rhinestone trend is very popular in the fashion world, both in the everyday look and for special occasions. It is imposed in the form of small details to convert basic pieces like this black bag in special accessories which, correctly combined, produce a magnificent effect.

Rhinestones are rhinestones that fulfill the sole function of decorating. Its origins date back to the 13th century in Austria., where small quartzes were used to decorate clothing. If you feel like going for the latest, the new Bershka bag is a great option, and we tell you how to combine it.

Maybe at first it seems to you that it is a bag that you can only wear to an event or to a party. But the truth is you have many opportunities to wear it in your everyday lifeto go to the office or meet friends for coffee, for example.

To balance the look and not seem excessive, invest in clothes in neutral tones. For example, a pair of jeans and a beige knitted sweater. As shoes, you can choose any ankle boots with grooved sole or heel. And, as a warm garment, nothing better than a raincoat.

You can also choose a flared midi skirt, a white poplin shirt, a knitted vest and high boots. Add a black coat to the outfit, and you’ll be perfectly dressed up but not too formal.

Of course, it is also an ideal bag for a special occasion, such as e.g End of this year’s party. In this almost, you can perk up with a long black velvet dress and some high-heeled pumps, also in black. The rhinestone bag thus becomes the main part of the look.

The bag with a handle with a detail of rhinestone applications is available in the Bershka online store for €17.99. On the website, you can also check availability in your nearest Bershka store. It will surely become the favorite bag in your wardrobe.


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