The Benefits of Being a High Roller

For any brick-and-mortar casino, high rollers can significantly increase the casino’s profits. This is why the establishments are always trying to attract these players by giving them perks and privileges that most casino players can only imagine. But unfortunately, if you enjoy playing in an online casino, most of these benefits can’t be offered.

The casino you play in can make a difference in who gets these extra perks. If you’re playing poker for $25 stakes in Las Vegas, you probably won’t be offered these luxuries. But doing the same in a small local casino can sometimes get you those extra perks of being a VIP. Here’s a look at some of the benefits players can receive for betting big bucks at land-based casinos:

Free Airfare and Accommodations

It’s common for many casinos to offer high rollers free travel to attract them to their venues and then give them luxury suites during their stay free of charge. Even though these suites can cost thousands per night, it’s worth it for them to offer these to high rollers as they’ll spend more gambling than most other casino customers combined on any given day.

If you fall into this category, you may never have to pay for accommodations again if you’re loyal to a specific casino. However, playing at many different venues could reduce the chances of receiving these extra perks.

Some casinos will go as far as to send a limo to the player’s residence, then take them to a private jet and whisk them off to Las Vegas, where the VIP will spend many times the cost of travel and accommodations by the time the trip is over.

High Credit Lines

Most regular casino players don’t have the luxury of asking for credit at their local casino. One of the perks that are now very common is large extended lines of credit. This makes it easier for high rollers to chase their losses and remain at the table after their bankroll is lost.

This can be a great perk if you have an unlimited cash supply. However, it can also be a risky way to get into a big hole if you don’t. Proper bankroll management is necessary at any level.

Five-Star Dining

Most of the world’s best casinos also offer the best in fine dining. Even smaller Las Vegas casinos off the strip will have top chefs making the best cuisine for their guests. In addition, casinos will sometimes comp guests for dinner, which means they can feel free to indulge in anything offered on the menu.

These venues also offer the best in wines, champagne, and top-shelf liquors. You can even play while enjoying a signature cocktail or your favorite vintage wine. Of course, complimentary beverages are always offered to anyone gambling in most casinos, but the more money you play, the better the quality of drinks will be.

Access to Exclusive Games

When many casinos launch new games, all regular players will want to be the first to play, but high rollers often don’t need to wait. They are sometimes invited to play the game before the public tries their hands at it. VIP players not only get to try the newest games first, but they are also given individual tables that regular players can’t access.

High rollers can also sometimes get together and play against each other in exclusive games that will take place in a special section of the casino behind closed doors.

How to Become A High Roller

Several things need to be focused on for high rollers to become VIPs at any casino. They first must play with considerable sums of money, make frequent trips to the casino, and be a loyal customer.

The casino won’t mention it, but they also consider your wins and losses. So, don’t expect to get the VIP treatment if you constantly beat a casino for large sums of money. In fact, don’t be surprised if they ban you from playing there for winning too often.


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