The basic wardrobes needed to return to the office are in Venca


T-shirts, shorts, blouses … basic background wardrobe they serve for everything. And every season we need someone else who solves office days, walks and excursions. And also to be at home!

In Venca, there are some basic garments at ridiculous prices that you will want for this new season and everyone else.

How are the basic garments that solve our appearance?

Of different kinds and colors. Because it is available from the tank top to wear in the summer with shorts or with jackets when the cool begins at the end of the summer. Between these Sweaters there are straps with neckline with transparencies, in black, garnet and fuchsia. Its price is 6.99 euros.

Even if it stands out for its reversible neckline that you can wear on the rounded side or as a V-neckline, which you prefer. It is lined with lace, with a straight hem, 95% cotton and 5% elastane.

And take advantage of probust t-shirt with sequins star-shaped. For now, the price is on 4.99 euros. T-shirts with or without straps, with half sleeves and even long sleeves for early autumn.

The basic wardrobes needed to return to the office are in Venca

The basic wardrobes also include blouses and short skirts at prices of 7.99 euros.


And you will not be able to resist the shorts at the end of the summer, which you can also wear with leggings during the new season to come, as it costs 8.99 euros.

Elastic waist pants, really comfortable for late summer, and in different colors such as black, maroon or navy blue, have a super price of 12.99 euros.

Basic dresses that take you out of more than a hurry

For a formal party and also for an informal evening. The Black dress you have a lifetime in Venca at a price of 9.99 euross. It is made of elastic knitting, a must in all wardrobes. Combine this chameleon dress in a thousand ways with a flattering bat neck ring with a tear opening at the back. It is in black, red, maroon and navy blue.

It goes well with everything from heels to sneakers, with or without a jacket, and you will always look good.

Take advantage of the discounts that Venca now has final finish and summer grounds to get new garments that are much appreciated throughout the year. All you have to do is go online and with one click reserve the clothes that suit you.

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