‘The Basement Yard’ Podcast Went Viral Over a Pop-Tart Debate, but Hosts Joe Santagato and Frank Alvarez, Have a Ton of Other Food-Related Opinions


The Basement Yard podcast went viral on TikTok in October 2022. The comedy podcast, hosted by lifelong friends Joe Santagato and Frank Alvarez, has hundreds of episodes, but listeners found an exchange about Pop-Tarts to be especially funny. While the great Pop-Tart debate of 2022 was certainly hilarious, if you dig a bit deeper into the podcast, you’ll find that the co-hosts have had more than one battle over popular food items. We’ve collected a couple of the best examples.

Joe Santagato and Frank Alvarez argue over Pop-Tarts on ‘The Basement Yard’

In early October, TikToker, Ashley_Tropea offered commentary on an argument Santagato and Alvarez had over Pop-Tarts. In the clip, the user notes that the “build” of the argument made it special. Fans agreed. The video has amassed 21 million views. The clip went so viral that Today covered the story.


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