The base of El Corte Inglés for less than seven euros which you will benefit from


We need clothes for everyday life. A clear example isl basic of English court for less than seven euros, because it is on sale and now it is half price. You have it in different colors and sizes. Do not miss it!

It’s also super elegant, and it is Sweater must have for all seasons. We give you signs to buy it.

How is it basic in El Corte Inglés for less than seven euros

We’re talking about the basic turtleneck sweater with buttons on the sleeve. It is made of 70% viscose and 30% nylon. You have it in different colors. For example, him black is all time basic because you wear it with jeans, skirts, blazers and down to the top if you are cold. It is the joker sweater that you will choose for its color and to wear both at work and when you go out.

at the same time in raw is the ideal color to give more life to boring days and also always benefits our skin more. You wear it with many clothes you have at home. There are more colors such as light pink, yellow, blue, gray or orange, although sizes in these colors are no longer available. For this you can go to a physical store to see if there are sizes left in these other shades, or if not send an email to see if they replace it.

The discount sweater

This all-time staple is on sale. Before its price was 15.99 euros and now it is 7.99 euros, so the discount is now 50%. A really important discount that costs to have in this type of store.

The base of El Corte Inglés for less than seven euros which you will benefit from

The Joker object

You have it in at least two colors depending on size, such as white and black. Two basics and wildcards that we all must have and carry in every month. Because in the spring we gives style and keeps us warm in the morning and at nightwhile in autumn and winter it always goes well with a jacket and vest on top, because the gooseneck is total to take care of the neck.

So you have that sweater that you have always wanted for every month of the year. And everything goes well with anything you want, because it’s the perfect combination. The buy directly on El Corte Inglé’s website and you do not even have to move from the couch at home. Now its time!

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