The Balearic Parliament will debate the PP proposal on primary care


The adoption of urgent measures in primary care is one of the four non-law proposals (PNL) which will be debated and voted on Tuesday, December 13, from 9:00 a.m., in Parliament. The PNL which proposes the adoption of urgent measures in primary care It was proposed by the Popular Parliamentary Group, given the “serious deficit” of doctors specializing in family and community medicine from which primary care in the Balearic Islands suffers.

Among the measures that the PP deems necessary to implement are ensuring that the MIR post selection system does not leave vacancies; create in Spain the specialty of emergency and emergency medicine and Increase the number of specialized medical training places in family and community medicine.

The second PNL that will be debated this Tuesday in Parliament is the one promoted by Més per Mallorca with the aim of achieving Creation of a public airline. The eco-sovereignty formation recalled that “the citizens’ right to steal is a necessity that in the Balearic Islands becomes strategic from the point of view of the economic competitiveness of this territory”.

For this reason, and given the “serious situation” in air transport, Més per Mallorca proposes to urge the State to guarantee the existence of an “appropriate” flight offer for companies and all citizens of the Islands, both from the point of view of the number of lines, as well as frequencies and the “fair price” of seats. And, also, among other things, the creation of a public-run airline resulting from the acquisition of Air Europa through the conversion into shares of the money granted to the company in equity loans.

Likewise, the Autonomous Chamber will put to vote this Tuesday sections one and two of the Citizens’ PNL regarding the implementation of urgent measures to guarantee access to educational resources for families with children in school.

The last of the four NLPs that will be debated and voted on on December 13 in Parliament is the one presented by the PI concerning the request for a “fairer” treatment of teachers who pass an opposition but find themselves without a place, reports Europa Press.

Además del debate y votación de hasta cuatro PNL, en el pleno del Parlament de este martes se abordarán otra serie de temas, como la inflation, la construction de VPO en Son Busquets, la estabilización del Servicio de Salud o la modification del código penal, among others.

Finally, the Chamber will vote this Tuesday on the adoption of an agreement on the holding of extraordinary sessions during the period between January 1 and January 31, 2023, so that the study, treatment and approval can be carried out, if this corresponds, of various initiatives .

Specifically, the initiatives that would be addressed during the said session period would be the Global Transformation Cooperation Bill; the Bill on Physical Activity and Sports of the Balearic Islands; the bill amending Law 5/2005, of 26 May, for the conservation of spaces of environmental importance; the bill of the municipal areas of commercial impulse of the Balearic Islands; Draft Legislative Decree 7/2022, of July 11, on benefits of an economic nature in the Balearic Islands; and the Bill of Menorca Biosphere Reserve.


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