The autumn manicure that will be fashionable thanks to María Pombo


María Pombo has the manicure you want this autumn, an intense color, an extreme elegance that covers our hands with honor to offer the best possible cover letter. We will put our hands in top shape so that they arrive at the parties prepared to succeed. We need a color that identifies us and can show our best face, the intense purple of Maria Pombo it’s a pretty statement of intent. Feminine and intense, the bright color will be worn this season and will do so to combine with our best clothes. Note how you get manicure from autumn by María Pombo when we have the information.

This is the autumn manicure that María Pombo wears

Influencer María Pombo not only shows us the best clothes To combine sweatshirts, dresses, accessories from our favorite low price, we can also copy their beauty rituals. Hands are possibly one of the elements that most define us, the visible part that we work with, touch or greet people. We have to take care of them the same way we care about hair or skin, certain times of the year, even a little more.

Autumn is the season of transition, we leave summer behind us, with its own light and intensity and we wait for winter, with red and Christmas colors as the main characters. For these weeks, María Pombo has a great option for manicures to the last of a color that will give a lot to talk about.

A good varnish combined with an intensifying gloss and providing the finish we are looking for is crucial. There are many types of nail polish, but only a few shades will become a trend. This fall, purple is back with vigor, that color that is related to femininity and replaces the classic pink. Transitional tones that come to our hands to succeed.

We need a little shine, it never hurts to get it, except that it protects the bass tone and gives it more shine. With transparent enamel shiny, we will have the perfect finish for nails in the purest María Pombo style. If you want to be trendy, look for purple on the nail polish list at the nearest supermarket or beauty store.

It is a nice transition shade for an autumn manicure which will begin to show the desire to party, shine and rejoice. Sign up for this tone with some ideas for this season.

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