The attack on the separation of Eva González and Cayetano Rivera


Eva González and Cayetano Rivera would already lead separate lives, the couple would have reached a point where there would be no turning back. Marisa Martín-Blázquez in The program of Anna Rose would have given more details on this separation of this couple of media. The presenter and the bullfighter after several years of rumors and alleged infidelities would have definitively ended their relationship. As a result, they have a child in common who, if the separation is confirmed, will have to organize joint custody. This is the bomb they dropped in the Ana Rosa Quintana program.

Eva González and Cayetano Rivera is the bomb of their separation

The separation of Eva Gonzalez Yes Cayetano Rivera it’s already a reality. According to Marisa Martín-Blázquez, everyone now lives in their own house. They have not shared a roof for a few weeks, with whom everything seems to indicate that they are about to start the divorce procedure, which in this case would not pose any problem.

The show’s reporter Ana Rosa revealed that: “Apparently there would be no impediment to a divorce as they have nothing in common financially, just a small piece of land.” Therefore, since the two have their own successful careers, nothing would prevent them from permanently severing the ties they had in common until now.

Another fact of this separation is that, according to Martín-Blázquez their relationship is very difficult. After years of love and a child together, all the bridges of what seemed like a couple straight out of a fairy tale have been broken. Until recently, the presenter and the bullfighter lived a most special love story.

The couple met in 2008 when they met at a party. Love at first sight was quick and mutual, they were a model couple who only made their relationship public a year later. They got married and had a son who is the great illusion of both, although for reasons unknown until now they decided to end this marriage.

While their separation is confirmed and formalized the end of love will know more about the end of this couple. Cayetano and Eva have already started different lives that have nothing to do with the one they lived together, they are young and they will surely find love in the arms of others.


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