The anti-vaccination conspiracy in 2021: this is how they vaccinated their fear of the Covid vaccine


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2021 will be one of the largest immunization campaigns to protect the world’s population, but it will also be A milestone in the history of “anti-vaccine”, That They successfully inoculated fear And reject these antiviral drugs against Covid-19, which have proven to be effective in limiting the serious effects that the disease may cause.

Some misleaders ignore the scientific consensus on the effectiveness, safety, and necessity of vaccines. They use the fear that may arise at each stage of vaccination to persuade people not to do so.

these are Main lie Anti-vaccine spread in the coming year, almost always moved by the desire to control the complex reality and feel better than others.

DNA modification

In the fight against the new coronavirus, a new generation of vaccines has been created in a short period of time with innovative operations. These include messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines, a technology used by Pfizer and Moderna, and has always been one of the preferred targets for anti-vaccine.

The most repetitive lie is that these drugs modify the DNA and turn the vaccinated person into life “GMO”As scientists and health authorities have explained, this is impossible because the mRNA molecules are not integrated into the genome and will be degraded within a few days of triggering an immune response.

Banner in a demonstration against vaccines.


Neither childbirth nor abortion

Another of the most harmful false side effects is that antiviral drugs can cause infertility. This rumor has spread to all continents, especially in Latin America and Africa.

Research and pharmacovigilance indicate Covid-19 vaccine Will not cause infertilityScientists have explained many times that neither mRNA nor viral vectors-AstraZeneca and Janssen-can function in this way in the body.

Infection with the new coronavirus may affect fertility, but it will not affect these drugs

Infection with the new coronavirus may affect fertility, but it will not affect these drugs. Did not cause a miscarriage, As another wave of pranks that spread at the same time said.

magnetic force

At this time in 2021, who hasn’t heard or read about vaccines containing magnets? After vaccination, it acquires magnetism and can attract metal objects, which may be, The most popular scam This year’s.

Diffuser This incredible theory Most importantly, rely on videos of newly vaccinated patients They glued the spoon to the arm, This can be explained by the influence of body fat, sweat or rough processing of the image.

Masked anti-vaccine protesters.

Masked anti-vaccine protesters.

The fact is that it is not technically feasible to inject a metal solution that can act as a magnet today. more importantly, No components Inclusion in vaccine leaflets can cause magnetism.

Celebrity issue, anti-vaccine ammunition

The sudden death of an Italian singer Rafaela Kara And Spanish actress Veronica Fogg, Or heart disease Argentine football player ‘Quin Aguero Yes Christian ErikssonIn other events affecting international celebrities, they have always been anti-vaccine ammunition and an excuse for coining a new term: “repentinitis”.

Driven by the conspiracy, the proponents of the “repentinitis” theory mistakenly blamed them for the deaths of well-known people who had been vaccinated against the virus.

But the suspicion of the accidental disappearance or illness of celebrities has been refuted by the facts. When lies are viralized, the facts are always like this: Rafaela Carla died of lung cancer, Veronica Falk committed suicide, and football players. Queiro and Eriksson had already encountered a problem with a heart attack before being vaccinated.

This is not a montage

One photo this year shows nine-year-old Margaret Keenan (Margaret Keenan) receiving his first injection against Covid-19. On the morning of December 8, it was in Coventry in central England. A few hours later, the rumors had spread and his vaccination was a hoax.

Thousands of news circulated screenshots from the CNN website showing that Keenan was vaccinated on October 22. Decontextualize And have a date Actually corresponds to another news From the portal website of the US chain, this picture made many netizens think that the vaccine campaign was a scam from the beginning.

In the next few weeks, the story expanded, especially in the case of politicians in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, or Argentina, whose leaders were accused of accepting needleless, capped or empty syringes.

Yes Lies are affectedFor example, US President Joe Biden and Argentine Vice President Christina Fernandez de Kirchner are victims of old or tampered images, making them believe that they refuse to be vaccinated.

In Australia, Queensland Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk was accused of pretending to be vaccinated when in fact she agreed to the mock injection at the request of the photographer.


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